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  1. I'm getting married there on July 13th!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!
  2. Wow, great job, everything looks beautiful.
  3. Thanks for sharing, we are getting married July 13th at beaches. Sorry to hear about the robbery, glad to hear your okay.
  4. Great review, everything looks beautiful.
  5. MichelleS

    oot bags??? Help!

    I think it really boils down to budget!!!!
  6. Wow, Everything looks so beautiful!!!
  7. Great review, thanks so much for sharing
  8. MichelleS

    TonyandTricia's Moon Palace Review 02-26-10

    Congrats, everything looks so beautiful.
  9. MichelleS

    What do you think?

    You have an amazing job!!! Everything looks so beautiful.
  10. hank you soooo much for the update, we have not booked an ms package yet. Can't wait to hear more : )
  11. Great job, where did you find the key card holders?
  12. MichelleS

    New Pashmina Order !

    I'm interested in ordering a dozen.