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  1. BTW - As far as I know its ok to discuss this topic. I got banned for a couple of weeks for posting an email address on a thread.
  2. Hi. Yes I started that thread. I also got an email from Sandals saying you can log on to the website and buy the photography packages online. I actually booked it through my TA and got the 210 pictures and all the extras for $1300. But if you go on the Sandals site to do it it's $1595. If you want to book it that way just go on the website. Under the book now drop down menu it will say book local tours, click that. Then on the left hand side it says book wedding album packages. There are 3 packages you can pick. You can also book free portrait sessions. To the bride that's getting married next year. I was just online messing with it and it will allow you to purchase this package for next year.
  3. The fans that I posted they actually engrave your names on it, or whatever you want it to say. Here's a link to my dress. Athena - by Maggie Sottero Here's a link to the lady's website that did my invitations. She also makes invitations that look like boarding passes. Ana de Roux {Custom Invitations, Stationery & Design} What location are you getting married at?
  4. Hi Ladies! I just wanted to write this to share exactly what I'm doing for my wedding/reception. I'm hoping I can share my ideas and also ask your opinon and get more ideas with everyones help! I will say I never thought I would be a DIY bride but since I can't really afford a theme I'm making my own. (BTW - I'm not very talented in designing and putting things together so any advice I would appreciate) I'm getting married at Sandals, Negril July 31st, 2010 at 2PM. I have 34 guests. I am doing a 3 hour reception that evening. I am keeping the Beautiful Beginnings (BB) Theme. I have verified with my Travel Agent and Wedding Coordinator that I can bring my own decorations for the wedding and reception. They will set up all my decorations. It's $250 to set up for the wedding and $250 to set up for the reception. I am bringing my own bouquet of seashells. I'm still looking for one for my bridesmaids that will look ok with this one. (What do you think?) Etsy :: Classic and Simple Hinewai Seashell Bridal Bouquet Here are the links to my dress and my bridesmaids dresses. They have 2 dresses they can pick from in the color Sweet Thistle (Lavendar) My dress Athena - by Maggie Sottero The bridesmaids dresses Wedding's dresses - silk chiffon - Silk chiffon Taryn dress - J.Crew Wedding's dresses - silk chiffon - Silk chiffon Sophia dress - J.Crew We will be getting married on the beach with no shoes and flowers in our hair. I haven't decided if I want to pay the $250 to decorate the ceremony or not. But if so this is what I'll do. Bring seashells to line the aisle. I've found these on ebay and other places for pretty cheap. Bring these flowers for the aisle. Violet Je t'aime Rose Petals Freeze Dried TOSS & WEDDING AISLE BLEND 5 cups for $12 Put this type of bows on the chairs (only organza bows, not chair covers). http://www.chaircovercollection.com/...tlilac_onw.jpg To keep the guests cool we are getting these fans and parasols. Paper Parasols, Asian Wedding Favors, Bamboo Gifts Personalized Silk Fans, Silk Wedding Fans For the reception we have a local seashell store here and I'm going to pick out some bigger seashells and place them on the tables. I also loved the paper lanterns in the Flutter of Romance theme and am bringing my own in 3 shades of purple. 50+ Colors of Paper Lanterns - Luna Bazaar Next this site is awesome for decorations and very cheap. Wedding Decorations I'll also be adding some other things such as menus and thank you gifts. We are also doing a Welcome to our Wedding Weekend gift bag with sunscreen, bug spray, chap stick, etc. and passing those out at the rehersal dinner. But we have changed our rehearsal dinner to be a welcome party. I have added pictures of our wedding invitations. I got them from Ana De Roux. Thanks for reading!
  5. This is the link to Michael's website. He's the photographer for RIU Resorts. I like that they send you his website to be able to see all the pictures, pricing and can even contact him before your wedding. I would really like to see Sandals do something like this. To hire a team of true professionals. Sandals is supposed to be the best and the photography just doesn't cut it. Anyway here is his link. best images
  6. 1. I would like to see more sunset weddings or later in the day weddings. When they offered our times they said we could pick from 11AM, 12PM, 1PM and the latest was 2PM This is in the middle of the hot day. They said if I wanted a later wedding I would have to upgrade to the $6000 MS theme. I almost left Sandals for this reason and went to Couples because they offer much better wedding times. I would have moved to a different resort but I had over 30 people already booked. 2. Hire Wedding Coordinators that call you back. 3. $500 for each additional table when you upgrade to a theme is ridiculous. I can understand if someone is having several (like 100 guests) to charge them a higher set up fee but come on. $500 for each table of 8? 4. The pricing for the photography seems like a rip off. $1200 for 48 pictures? We should also be able to see the photographers work for other weddings before we commit to it. I would also like to see being able to bring in your own photographer. Several of the other resorts let you do this. Photography at Sandals is a HUGE concern for several of the brides. I'm sure this alone has lost several customers. At Couples they have a great photographer who is a true professional and not just trained to take pictures with KODAK. You can go to his website and see all of his pictures before hand and the pricing is much more reasonable.
  7. I'm getting married at Sandals, Negril. I've not been to that location yet but when I get back I'll let you know how it went. But I have been to Sandals Royal Bahamian. My best friend was married there and I can tell you I'm not one for chain companies and can see why you think or may hear that it's cheesy but her wedding was AWESOME! It was the most beautiful wedding and this was even before they offered themes. Just everything was so easy. The bride did not stress about anything and the background was beautiful. You don't need a lot of decorations or flowers because the resorts are just that beautiful. Every person that worked at the resort treated us so great. I think you have to stay at Sandals resort to understand. I've never experienced anything even close to as great as that vacation.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Christy Hi Thanks Meagan...How did you like the Beaches at T And C? We stopped there on a cruise, T and C for one day and LOVED IT. That beaches is the only all inclusive there. Did you love it? I know with ST. Lucia it seems amazing. My fear is travel for our guests. We live in STL, have a big chunk of our guests coming from Charlotee, Chicago, La, etc so all over. Fear the traveltime but seems so amazing...thanks I'm from STL also. We are getting married in July at Sandals Negril. When is your wedding date?
  9. When I was trying to decide which resort I would pick this is what a friend sent me who has been to all the properties. Hope this helps Ocho Rios is horrible…hate that resort, no beach, road runs across the property. Montego Bay is older (still nice) and though I love Whitehouse, it is not plausible for many because there are no resorts near by if children are coming. Of all the resorts in Jamaica - Negril, Sandals is by far the nicest. Remember, this is a Caribbean resort. Rooms are tropical. No building in Negril can be taller than the highest palm tree.
  10. Wow! Fire Dancers! I didn't know they had those. AWESOME!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jamaican_Smile We just got back from our wedding at Sandals Negril and I have to say that we are SO glad we did the 2 hour private reception dinner. We had a large group (34) so getting a table at the restaurant wasn't even an option. The staff did such an amazing job and I dare say that the food was even better than what you would get in the restaurant. The only thing that we added was the lantern decor from the Flutter of Romance package and we're so glad we did! It was beautiful. Check out the pics here Let me know if you have any questions! Wow! I'm really impressed! I wasn't even thinking of upgrading the theme now I might! These are beautiful pictures. Did the resort take all your pictures?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Laur13 we are getting married in RMaya and we are having a BBQ beach dinner reception on the sand with a DJ and a dance floor! so excited How much is this option??
  13. I have a group wedding with 40 guests and they said we will get the 30 minute reception for all guests free or they will take off $15 for the 3 hour reception.
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