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  1. I am only have 14 guests in Mexico but 50 at our at home reception. We are doing the gold package cause the food put it over the top for us, plus all the little extras. We are bumping up our photo package too. When you think about it the gold package is quite worth considering all you get versus what you might have paid to do your wedding at home. The only thing I really splurged on was for my Mexican wedding guests was personal embroidered beach towels, it cost me a fortune in Canada, but they are really nice.
  2. Who is the next to get married out of all of us on this thread? I am Sept 17/10. 2 weeks today!!!!!
  3. No minors are allowed on the property at all. If you even go on an excursion and a bus was to pick you up at the resort, they have to park outside and you will have to walk outside to get it. They are very strict on adult only as that is the kind of guests they cater to there. We only see children at the airport or on an excursion and that is the only time. Â I am doing the gazebo and it is quite a long aisle to go down and I would also assume when you do a beach wedding you are at the far end of the property to so you can have privacy.
  4. On a side note for anyone wanting a super lengthy review on the hotel property and what it has to offer with pictures.. Go to Tripadvisor and seek out a gentleman who posts under the name Flipflopman. He has travelled extensively to many resorts and favors Excellence Group. He usually goes at least 3 times a year and reviews each time. His reviews are very detailed and his pictures are just the same. He has it in with the management very good and gets all the details prior to any release to the public it seems such as if there is going to be a new restaurant being added (which there is at the end of the year (Indian food).
  5. Personally I would go for the rooftop terrace depending on when you are going. They are installing heaters for the winter months. We chose this room option for our wedding trip this Sept. Club is nice but not really worth it to me and I have done it before. Remember you are still getting the same room as everyone but with just some extra perks. The booze in your room ( you can order room service and have glasses of this delivered), a few extra things on the room service menu( not that many more), nicer toiletries (the regular ones are really nice anyways), club access (snacks during the day and use of computer (you will never go hungry at this resort with 24hr room service and the 8 restaurant options, plus extra food down by the beach)(they have other computers for everyone else to use too and we have never had a problem waiting hours for them). The only upside that they just started policing on was a seperate pool area and beach area but really it is next door and you don't really get that much better service there then the regular people. You are treated like a king and queen no matter if you are club or not, so no worries there. For great pictures I would go to tripadvisor as you really get what real people's pictures look like. The gazebo is at the far end of the property. I chose this option as I wanted overhead coverage for my guests in the heat. The beach area would be fine too, but you might have a few people walk by. The gazebo is very private on the otherhand I found. Congrats and I hope I helped somewhat in making your decision easier.
  6. The only place I have seen when it is raining is the terrace for Spice and it was beautiful.
  7. Very cool, but I know my mother would have a heart attack with any bird swooping in!
  8. This dress has great style, plus the wear again factor is super!
  9. I am doing monogrammed beach towels for everyone. We are bringing them down in an extra piece of luggage. As far I as I can tell you need to bring receipts with you when you go to customs and then most people don't have too many issues.
  10. I believe the decor was that of the hotel. We will be doing a long table as well and that terrace is huge by the way so no problems there. I don't think noise would be an issue as well due to the way it faces. I never got bit when we went. If you don't want to wear repellant, which I won't be doing either, pin a dryer sheet on you somewhere as that keeps the buggies away!!!
  11. Spice Terrace is really nice. We saw it done up for a wedding when we were last there as it is covered and it is a good backup wedding venue. They really did a beautiful job in the decor of it. I am just hoping the rain holds off on my wedding day as I really want my gazebo wedding!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Valentine_Baby Anyone from Canada go to David's Bridal to purchase their dress? Successful or no? I have found my dress online that I absolutely love (and keep going back too) and we will be going in October to try it on and others i'm sure. Any advice on this? I didn't want to start a new thread just to ask this question. Thanks ladies! I was not so happy with the David's Bridal experience at all. I drove almost 2hours because they claimed that they have every dress for you to try on. What a joke! I tried on 4 and was very disappointed as they weren't even ones I would have picked but after driving all that time it felt dumb to not try anything on at all.
  13. I picked up my dress last week and dropped it off to store at my parent's house. I had a feeling that if I had it at home I would be in every day as I love, love, love it, plus it keeps my possible peeking fiance from seeing it. I have a friend at work that every year on their anniversary they have a special dinner at home and wear there wedding clothing. Seems like a neat idea as long as you can still fit into your dress after the years go by.
  14. Here is the back... I am tucking in the bow from my corset plus when it is bustled all the crystals are really going to stand out in the back as well.
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