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  1. Bahama bride checking in. Still planning mine for March 5, 2011 on Grand Bahama Island - Pelican Bay Hotel About 35 confirmed so far.
  2. I agree. So long as you have a personalized note you are golden. Very cute ideas for the front of the card!
  3. Welcome Cindy! Best wishes for your upcoming day!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by swankster77 Got a new code in case the last one expired: DISCOUNT10 for 10% off the entire store! Thanks so much! Do you know when this one expires?
  5. Congrats and welcome! There are bonfire on the beach options on Grand Bahama Island. This was an option presented to us by our Wedding Coordinator for our wedding rehearsal... have not heard of this at a wedding reception, but I don't see why not.
  6. Hi Linda! You've decided on the date, the location, and the dress? You are on the ball! Best wishes for the rest of your planning! This site is invaluable so glad you joined!
  7. Hi Jackie! You might try searching the forum or posting in the Mexico forums. Best wishes!
  8. Hello Cheri! Welcome to the site and congrats on the upcoming nuptials!
  9. Angel-in-Law


    Hi Kirsten! It will depend on your budget and location. Check out the forums for destinations you are interested in. I'm getting married in the Bahamas so if you have any questions about Grand Bahama Island, feel free to ask!
  10. Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you found the site too!
  11. Welcome Tee! Best wishes with your wedding planning and have fun navigating the site!
  12. Angel-in-Law


    Hi Lauren! Welcome to the site!
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