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How I wore Red Lipstick on my wedding day...


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Hey ladies... I really wanted to wear red lipstick for my wedding, but was nervous about it bleeding, smudging and needing to be reapplied often. When I got my BD photos done, the salon put a 'lipstick sealer' on me and it miraculously stayed on for the whole shoot and then needed to be scrubbed off when I was done!


So I bought it for the wedding, and was really impressed with it. I did reapply once after dinner, but that was it! Oh, and I smoke, which is usually a killer for lipstick!


Here's the product - Ella Lipchic - I bought it in the salon (for way more money!), so hopefully someone else can benefit! Its great because you can use any brand/color lipstick, and you just brush a thin layer of the Lipchic on top!

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Originally Posted by carly View Post
So cool, Jenn! I love red lipstick, I owre it on Saturday night, but worry about all that you mentioned, so I will def look into that product!
Car- That looked very cute BTW.

I've been wanting to get a nice red lipstick too but it's tuff finding the right shade. Once I do go I'll def keep the sealer in mind. I have "primer" for my face, its a light serum, and that is suppose to hold the eye shadow and foundation. I wonder if that helps on the lips too?? hmmmm
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I will probably be getting some too. Did it make your lips feel dry? I am a chapstick addict & I need that glossy feeling. I'm also a mouth breather (I know I'm so ashamed) and my lips get yucky so I take off my lipstick every hour or two & reapply. Did it ever get yucky?

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