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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Leia78 What a perfect wedding! You looked absolutely beautiful! Where did you get your earing...I'm still looking for a pair for my wedding day. They are Nadri. I got them at Lord N Taylor...
  2. Our photographer posted some photos to her blog! Makes me want to get married all over again! It was seriously HOT the day we got married, but luckily I don't look like I'm sweating too much! Jonilyn Photography | Jonilyn Photography Blog Blog Archive Miyon + Jason | Wedding Thanks to all the previous BDW brides for all your great advice!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by salomeh You looked beautiful!!!!! I LOVE your dress. I also LOVE your hair and the flower in your hair is awesome. Did Lola provide the flower for your hair? Thanks for your review Lola did not provide that flower. I purchased the flower from Etsy.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Cabo OR Bust Thanks for the review, you look great! Love your the pink too. Can I ask where you had the reception? We had it at Pinata Terrace, and I'm glad we did because there was absolutely no breeze over by Oceana Terrace.
  5. Ok, first off I really want to say thank you to the BDW forum. I gained so much valuable information on this forum and my wedding would never have been the same without it. I got married at Dreams on July 22nd. It was amazing! It was a very intimate wedding with only 12 guests. Flights/Shuttle - American Airlines. We got to the airport and our flight had been canceled. They got us on a direct flight to Cabo through Alaska. Excellent! We used Olympus Tours for our shuttle and they were on time, waiting for us. No problems getting back either. A+ for both services. Sunrider Dinner Cruise - B-. I gave Sunrider a B- because the food was excellent. The cruise itself started out fun, but about 1.5 hours into it there were lots of drunken teenagers puking off the side of the boat and falling down the stairs. It was more like a booze cruise, which wasn't really my thing. Also, we didn't really get to see the beautiful Cabo sunset...not sure if we just weren't in the right spot or what. I kind of wish we had put up the extra cash and went on the Caborey. Oh well. Flowers - A+ I used Florenta Flower Design. Lola was wonderful to work with and I felt her prices were reasonable. I sent her photos of what I wanted and she delivered. I really really loved my flowers. After the wedding I had them all delivered to my room . The flowers were fresh and exactly what I had wanted. I got a brides bouquet, 2 huge ceremony arrangements, 4 table arrangements and 2 boutonniers. Lola also came to Dreams couple days before the wedding to confirm what I wanted and to go over the final details. Thanks Lola! Dreams - A+ The resort was gorgeous. We had a Governor's Suite which was fabulous and overlooked the main pool. The room was always clean, and we joked about how our cleaning lady was a ninja...I swear every time we came back to our room, it had been tidied up again. The wait and barstaff were so accomodating and we never felt pressured to tip, although we always did. The all inclusive food did get a bit old after a week, but hey, it was free. Himitsu was our favorite place to eat by far. I didn't like Portofino. The Italian food there was terrible, however the surf and turf there was yummy. The swim up bars are awesome, and they even have tables so you can have snacks/drinks inside the pool! Excellent! Ceremony & Reception - A+ John Fagan did an amazing job as officiant. The flowers were perfect, there was a slight breeze, everything was set up exactly how I had hoped. Yarai/Dreams Wedding Coordinator - A++++ Yarai was awesome. She was always responsive to emails and was super duper helpful along the entire way. She made sure everything was set up exactly how I wanted and made sure everything went smoothly. She was just so fabulous to work with. Hair/Makeup - B+ I got my hair/makeup done through SunMex. Octavio was the stylist. I guess there had been some miscommunication and he thought he was doing a trial session. After I told him I was happy with it, he said great and started to pack up, LOL! I was like, no...TODAY is my wedding! He freaked out a bit because he didn't have any spray or anything, but was able to borrow some from the salon. When he first did my makeup, I looked like a Pussycat Doll...seriously. I asked him to make more bridal and to tone down the eye makeup, and I was happy with it in the end. Photography/Jonilyn Photography - A. Jonilyn is a photographer out of LA. I don't have my photos back, but I was amazed with our engagement photos, and I know the wedding ones will be fabulous. I didn't give her an A+ because she missed her flight to photograph our civil ceremony at City Hall. She had a family emergency, but was able to find a local photographer to shoot it for us. She was professional, fun and just a pleasure to work with. I don't have any of our professional photos back, but here are a couple that my sister took. She left her camera in her room right before the ceremony (GAH!) so I don't have any ceremony pics yet
  6. We just got back from our week at Dreams and it was amazing!! I'll do a full review once I get some pics back, but I can say it was truly everything I had hoped for. By the way, Jessica W, I just noticed on from the list that you got married on the 19th~we were eating dinner at El Patio that evening and saw some of your wedding. It looked lovely. Congrats!! It's too bad we didn't run into each other later...we got married on the 22nd.
  7. Thanks you guys!!! We're leaving for Cabo in the morning!!!! I'll have a review when I get back!
  8. Is it really raining there? Weather.com says its going to rain all weekend and into mid-week next week. Does it rain sporadically or is it raining throughout the day. I'm so worried! Help!
  9. We've planned a sunset cruise for our dinner guests. Luckily, there are only 12 or 13 people that are going. With the taxi union strike, is there a way to get everyone from Dreams to the harbor (and back) other than by taxi?
  10. You can easily do 4 hours with 7 people! It will give you ample opportunity to get some great shots of you and your hubby to be, which is the most important thing!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by j5nichols2 Fab pics! Your dog is so cute, where did you get the pearl colar? I bought them on ebay last year.
  12. I would go casual as well. Maybe it's just me, but I love the look of jeans/cute top/heels. For the beach, you could kick off your heels (holding them) and roll up your jeans. I think it would look fantastic. Of course, a wardrobe change would be nice too.
  13. We flew up our photographer, Jonilyn Brown, from LA to do our engagement session. She'll also be flying up in July to photograph our legal union at City Hall, and then join us in Cabo to do our wedding. I'm so thrilled with the way they turned out. Please take a look! Jonilyn Photography | Jonilyn Photography Blog Blog Archive Miyon + Jason | Engagement
  14. Can you crafty ladies help me come up with some ideas on what to write on the tags for our parasols and fans? I am so bad at this kind of thing!
  15. They are not offering round-trip or return booking on their website anymore, only service from the airport to the resorts.
  16. Here's a link to the lanterns. I don't have a photo myself, but a lot of the Cabo/Dreams brides have used them if you want to do a search. I don't feel comfortable posting other brides' photos. White 18 Inch No Frills Paper Lantern <div class=sub>(only $3.45 each for 24+)</div> - SL18
  17. I purchased one dozen 18" paper lanterns from lunabazaar, but decided to go with smaller ones instead. I'm selling them at cost for $3.00 each. I opened one of them but the rest of them are still brand new in packaging. Lunabazaar doesn't have them in this size right now and asianideas is selling them for $4.00 each plus shipping. Shipping for them is $6. If I can't sell them here, I'll probably just return them to lunabazaar. ALSO, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can come pick them up and I'll sell them to you for $2.75 a piece.
  18. I found this on the web...I'm getting so excited for next month!! William's and Jessica's Wedding Space: The Dreams Los Cabos Resort And check out some of their photos of the resort! How cool! William's and Jessica's Wedding Space
  19. Jackie, do you know how many flowers were in your brides bouquet? Thanks!!
  20. Our photog is coming the day before and leaving the day after the wedding. She said she was ours for the entire day if we wanted. We'll the ceremony is at 5PM so she'll probably start around 4 to take getting ready photos, etc. Our reception dinner isn't until 8PM because FI and I wanted some extra time to take photos alone.
  21. We really only hav one vendor coming from afar with us to Mexico...and that is our photographer. When and where does the photographer typically eat dinner? We're getting married at Dreams. Do I have to reserve an extra plate for my photographer since it is an all inclusive? What did you guys do? I feel bad because our wedding is super small (12 people) so I don't really want her eating with us since we only have one long table, but at the same time, I want to make sure she gets to eat etc?
  22. Just curious, has anyone booked their Transcabo airport shuttle service or other activities like a sunset dinner cruise through Cabo San Lucas Tours? They offer about a 10% discount, but am worried that since they are an intermediary. Cabo San Lucas Airport Shuttle - Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo
  23. It's not identical, but here's one similar. ABS Designer Ivory White Off Shoulder Wedding Dress 14 - eBay (item 360055807892 end time Jun-01-08 20:03:36 PDT)
  24. OOps try this one: Of course they’re scissors Dee’s Inbox
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