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Post your wedding Dress!!

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Just bought my dress yesterday and I am in love. It's San Patrick Eresma. I brought in the picture of it to two different bridal salons that carried San Patrick but they didn't have it, just something similar (Pronovias Hebra and San Patrick Epico). I was very happy with these two but the things I would have wanted to add or change to it, it seemed like the Eresma had the mix what I liked the most with no extra alterations. I went on vacation to Colorado and Boston right after and looked for the Eresma there but no where to be found. The day before I was just going to buy one of the similar ones I got an email from another bridal salon in Houston that the dress just came in two days before, I went that day and tried it on and bought it on the spot! Glad I waited!! :)



















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Hi!  I put a deposit down on a dress, but continued to look...then I really found the dress of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!  Honestly the pic does it no justice, it's so light and fun...oh Alfred Angelo, getting married in Riviera Maya April 2011




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