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  1. me me me!! I've seen every season!! Rumors are that Aubrey and Diddy had "something" going on so I am constantly looking for the sexual tension.
  2. I am sooo sorry...saying prayers for you and your hubby....
  3. You and your family are in my prayers......
  4. They r right...you do so much for everyone on this forum...its the least we could do! Enjoy your new lil one!
  5. Congrats!!! It sounds like it was a perfect wedding weekend!
  6. it is confusing and even more so at customs...people are yelling and its just crazy!! I got stopped with all our oot bags..the girl opened it up and looked at the stuff she had to go through and zipped it right back up. On the way back I snuggled my bouquet in but they tried to take our batteries that we brought into mexico! Just smile and look confused you will be fine :)
  7. doesn't matter if you tell the reservation agent on the phone because they will not relay the message. When you get to the airport look for the flight attendants before they board and politely ask one of them if it would be ok for you to hang your dress on the plane. I am sure they will accomadate you. They don't have too and I 've heard of brides (who weren't so nice) having to sit with their dress in their lap the whole way! Our flight attendant even gave us a bottle of champagne on the plane too
  8. soo strange my post never came up!! Here it is again: YOU better work that DRESS!!!! It was HOT HOT HOT!!! I loved it..you looked so beautiful and happy..congrats again. I want more pix!!!
  9. lol....I know it is tiny!! She paid 1500 for the dress so I am not sure how much she is willing to sell it for..it might be a little pricey for a trash the dress? :/..the baby is great..thanks for asking...no one prepared my for all this activity in my tummy though!!!!
  10. Hi Ladies...my friend is selling her Jcrew wedding dress. Its sold out on Jcrew.com and has only been worn once. It has been cleaned and is perfect condition. Its a size 2/4....I think it s a perfect destination dress so I thought I would find out if anyone was interested. She had a listing on ebay but JCREW took it down because of copyright infrigement on the pix (sooo stupid). Here is a link to the dress: http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/cele...strapless-gown pm or email me at aprilnichole@sbcglobal.net for more info.
  11. ***running in to the room late***** CONGRATS GIRLIE!!!!
  12. I wish I would have included my newsletter with the welcome bags instead of mailing..most people didn't read it and I spent a lot of time on it. People loved ALL the snacks...we went to Costco once we were there and filled the bags. They also loved the candles because of the slight smell sometimes in your room. I also used iron on canvas bags and my guest used them all weekend.
  13. Soooo my dress is hanging in my guest room and I need to figure out what to do with it. The cleaners damaged the dress..slight color change and some of the beading is missing. Basically the dress looks vintage now. Well its so hard to explain without it sounded like its trashed which is why I have not tried to sell it online. I am not really a box and store kinda of person and not willing to spend anymore money on it (it is a Rivini and $$$). ANyone have any suggestions....I thought about donating it but to who?? I had a friend come over and I took pix of her in (since I can't get into anymore) and it still looks nice but not perfect. Anyone?
  14. We brought our photographer from los angeles. He charged us 2500...i think...plus his expenses....I REALLY REALLY wanted Jessica Claire but she was too expensive. I tried to find someone who could shoot as close to her style as possible without the expense. We spent more than we wanted but it was one of the most important things to us so I shaved off in other places like using an ipod instead of a DJ or decorating the gazebo with our own flowers. Have you tried Juan Carlos Or I know some brides have tried the photography schools...someone new where you only have to pay their expenses. The girl who started the yahoo board hired Jessica Claire that way 3 years ago and now she charges 10,000!!! :0 Good Luck!
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