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Mammee Bay/Plantation Menu Cards

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Hello Ladies,

Is anyone planning on doing menu cards for their reception dinner at Mammee Bay or the Plantation? If so do you know if the menus change frequently? The last menu I saw was from a few months ago and I would hate to print out menu cards only to get there and realize that the menu has changed.


My reception dinner is at Mammee Bay but I figured this would apply to the Plantation brides as well.

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My fiance created our menu cards. Basically he just put our logo on top and then the text of the menu below that. I found some blank ivory wedding invitation cards at Michael's and we printed it on those. We also bought colored cardstock to put behind it to give some color. I plan to just sit it on the plates and not even use the restaurant menus.


He did it on his computer so when he gets home I will post it.

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Originally Posted by md_ocr View Post
thanks, but i wanted to include our Monogram at the top. Can any plantation brides chip in on this one?
Our menu's came on an 8x11 sheet of paper. They were rolled up with a ribbon tied around it and put in everyone's glasses - it was really cute! There was no menu holder. I'm sure if you bring your menu's to your meeting with Chandlyn she can have this arranged for you.
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