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Paula and Jeremy's Dreams Wedding pictures

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Oh Paula~! You were breathtaking...everything was perfect. Your dress, your hair, the flowers, the BM dresses, everything coordinated beautifully! The colors in your pics are awesome- the orange dresses contrasted with the vivid blue of the ocean & sky. How wonderful!


We've missed you...it's great to see how well it all came together for you!



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what a perfectly beautiful day Paula. You two look great together and look so in love. I love all the colors and the pictures turned out so fantastic. Congrats again!

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Thank you all for your nice comments :) It really was wonderful.


Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
You had a chair in your wedding colors. How'd you get that past customs.
Hehe! We got ready in my friend's room since she had a huge room and her family did not come with her.


Originally Posted by host View Post
wow! paula you look gorgeous!! such a beautiful bride! i have to admit though i couldn't get past the pic of the chubby baby...soooo friggin cute.


i loved the pics at the end of you and your BM's...the dresses were so colorful and pics so vibrant!!!

He is so cute! He was my BM's baby.


Originally Posted by JHarwood2Be View Post
Thanks for sharing, it looks like you had a perfect day. I especially like the Buckeye garter. I will have to show your pics to my DF. We both graduated from OSU. I am trying to talk him into Dreams.



We had never been there before and my FI almost crapped when he saw the location for the ceremony. He couldn't stop talking about how great everything was after the wedding.


Originally Posted by mauraw View Post
woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif


omg. dios mio. paula paula paula! te ves guapisisisima! your photos are so amazing. i am in love with all of them haha. your bouquet was gorgeous. you looked absolutely stunning. i am sitting here on my couch crying my eyes out looking at your photos, i am so happy for you and jeremy. everything looked so fantastic! the bridesmaid dresses turned out great and i loved their flowers too.


what kind of flowers was your flowergirl carrying? they looked lovely!


cheers.gif congratulations! so glad everything was so great and that you guys had a great time. i had to bookmark the photos so i can look at them 50 more times haha cheesy.gif

You are so sweet... thank you!

I made the flower girl pomander. Fake flowers of some sort, cut off the stems and jammed into a green flower ball. Worked out well since she had to old her brother's hand at times to walk up the aisle.



Originally Posted by dc22173 View Post
We are getting married at Dreams Cancun next year. Your wedding pictures are beautiful. I am definitely going to look in to hiring the same photographer you had. Did you get the flowers from the resort or did you hire your own florist? I love them. Did you upgrade your cake or was it offered with the ultimate package?


You guys look great together and it looks like you had a wonderful time. Congrats!!!!

The flowers are from the florist the resort uses.

I was in the salon and Claudia and Daniela brought them to me to see and I immediately teared up.


Originally Posted by starchild View Post
Mija!!! These were like the most anticipated pics ever for me and you were as stunning as I thought you would be. Love the group shots and the kids too...so cute! And the starfish looks great in your beautiful bouquet. I'm glad you got the perfect wedding you deserve :o)
Muchas gracias Jamy! I could not have done it without you all!

Oh, and if I told you about all the yummy food I had ...

Let's just say I didn't hold back AND I had huevos con chorizo the morning of my wedding!

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