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What is everybody doing for their rehearsal?? Im confused about why I have to purchase  seperate cocktail and drink package if I decide to have the rehearsal dinner at a terrace.

Also, I was told that I have to have the ceremony rehearsal at 1030 in the am, due to other weddings that day.

Any ideas?

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Cuces, do you have a large group? I am not doing a rehearsal dinner or anything. In terms of a rehearsal that day, I was just always told by other that the resort doesn't do rehearsals unless you really want one. It is kind of making me think now of whether I should email my wedding coordinator or not about it. Mmmm....


I wouldn't like doing it the day of the wedding though. That blows. 

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Janine2918- I have 4 bridesmaids and 6 groomesmen, so not super large...

I guess we could skip the rehearsal.... I'm more concerned about the people playing the correct music at the correct time, our guests being able to hear us (we're doing a more traditional ceremony with Pastor Rick York).

But either way, we wanted to do some sort of "welcome dinner" the night prior to the wedding, we are having 40 guests.

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