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  1. Anybody using DJ Mannia for their wedding at Dreams Punta Cana? I heard that they do a great job. When I contacted that via email, they said to book through Dreams. Gara from Dreams is saying $520 for basic DJ service(no introductions, and the dj doesn't speak English) and $800 for a bilingual dj that does introductions and bring lights.... In previous posts, which I can't seem to find, I don't recall it costing this much. If anybody has any info, let me know. Thanks
  2. I've asked my weddig coordinator(Gara), but haven't heard back from her. Let me know if you find any info.
  3. Janine2918- I have 4 bridesmaids and 6 groomesmen, so not super large... I guess we could skip the rehearsal.... I'm more concerned about the people playing the correct music at the correct time, our guests being able to hear us (we're doing a more traditional ceremony with Pastor Rick York). But either way, we wanted to do some sort of "welcome dinner" the night prior to the wedding, we are having 40 guests.
  4. Melli, I'm just a week before you 8/2/12, so if there's anything that you need or any questions you have, let me know.
  5. I booked HDC for our wedding at Dreams Punta Cana. I think their prices were very reasonable, (we booked the Silver, but added a couple things on). Also, Their response time was very quick. They stressed that they are willing to be flexible and can customize any package. www.hdcphoto.com
  6. Does anybody know of or used a Cigar Roller at Dreams Punta Cana? Looking for one to come for a couple of hours during our rehearsal or reception.
  7. What is everybody doing for their rehearsal?? Im confused about why I have to purchase seperate cocktail and drink package if I decide to have the rehearsal dinner at a terrace. Also, I was told that I have to have the ceremony rehearsal at 1030 in the am, due to other weddings that day. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for posting. This site looks great and affordable.
  9. I'm pretty sure you're right on that, since it is technically just symbolic there is no legality to it. But yes, I agree that hopefully no one realizes that!!
  10. As far as photography, I too am using HDC. But, I have also heard very good things about Carribean Emotions. I guess it comes down to price and how well their packages fit into what exactly you want.
  11. As far as kids go, we have 5 attending. According to my travel agent they are priced according to age (13 and over is charged as an adult), but for the younger kids I have seen other people post that they are half price for the reception. Also, my travel agent said that Dreams or Apple vacations will run a promotion periodically that kids are free. Don't know when your wedding is, but maybe keep an eye out for that promotion.
  12. I too booked HDC!! They do reply very quickly and seem to be very willing to work to make the packages work for each bride. I have not read any bad reviews on their services.
  13. You can get pictures of just about anything from your wedding coordinator
  14. Im also a Dreams Punta Cana Bride... Our wedding dates are very close, I'm August 2,2012.... I remember having that very overwhelmed feeling (I still get it). I definately agree, get your save the dates out ASAP!!! As far as where to pick for the reception, you kind of have to have some idea of how many guests you are going to have first. Each terrace has a maximum holding capacity. I have 40 people attending, so I went with the Himitsu. Also, I would start by looking closely at the three different wedding packages that Dreams Punta Cana offers and choose which one fits you best. Then from there you can decide what add-ons you will need. My ceremony/reception are both just about done (have a few details to iron out) and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. This website has so many helpful things on it.
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