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  1. Thanks for the invite feedback. I think the passport invites are super cute but don't want to do those because this is an invite only for the reception here in the U.S We never sent out Punta Cana invites. I don't have a large group going so it was just cheaper for everyone to book through Travelocity vs a travel agent. I visited a travel agent and the price she quoted me was several hundred dollars more per person. Withkids, I put down $500 because I was going to go with the most expensive package. Then I ended up hiring an outside photographer so it wouldn't make sense to use the one form the resort as well. So now I am doing the free package (we will have enough rooms for it to be free). I emailed the WC and she said it was no problem. The $500 will now just go towards add ons.
  2. Question about invites. Anyone choose to do their own? After searching the web for a few days, I've realized how costly invites are. Any advice?
  3. Cuces, do you have a large group? I am not doing a rehearsal dinner or anything. In terms of a rehearsal that day, I was just always told by other that the resort doesn't do rehearsals unless you really want one. It is kind of making me think now of whether I should email my wedding coordinator or not about it. Mmmm.... I wouldn't like doing it the day of the wedding though. That blows.
  4. Before we started booking, I saw this special on their website as well but after reading the details of the offer, I realized it does not apply to groups attending a wedding, unless you have somehow found a way around it? I think the best thing to do is call the resort and get a group rate.
  5. I'm using Caribbean Emotions for photography and this is probably one of the things I am most excited about. I've heard nothing but great feedback and have seen a ton of their pictures. I was origionally going to go with the Ultimate package that includes the resort photog but have since changed my mind. I am going to price everything out individually and pass on their photog. I haven't heard the greatest of things from them anyways.
  6. Im still torn about when to legally get married as well. In terms of groom attire... NO CLUE... I figure it's not my problem and he can figure that one out on his own
  7. Hello all, I've sent an email to Carolina with questions but was thinking that you all could possibly answer faster. Everyone on here has been so helpful. Happy New Year! I was looking over the ultimate package information last night and had some questions. 1) Is white the only color table linen available? No If not what other colors are available? Many colors. She can send u an email with pics which is what she did for me 2) Flowers, are there pictures of various bouquets that I could view? Yes she should email u pics 3) Menu-What is the additional charge to upgrade to the Platinum menu? Is the menu listed on the package information you sent to me up to date? The most up to date prices are in the wedding guide online Will there be a menu printed out for the guest? 4) I would like to plan daily excursions for my guest. Is there any information you can send me in reference to this? 5) If I choose an outside photographer/DJ will I have to pay for a daily pass Yes u do. I just asked her this a few weeks ago and you do have to pay 6) The music trio that is included with the package...when do they actually play and for how long? What type of music do they play? 7) Are the tables for the reception circular or rectangular? I think it depends on the location for your reception. My location (el patio terrace) does both. Do you have the dimensions and how many they seat? 8) Are we able to choose different dinnerware? If not what color is at the table? You should share your answers with us when u get them
  8. Hey everyone!! What are you planning on doing in terms of cash or what have you done? I have read several reviews on trip advisor about theft and am a little worried since I will have a large sum of cash with me. Any tips or tricks? Those of you who have been there did you just go to the ATM or did you bring a lot of money with you?
  9. Liss, Looks like we will be there at the same time. I am getting married on the 18th. I unfortunately don't have any answers to give since I have not gotten married yet. I do know that the symbolic ceremony is performed by the wedding coordinator in English. Seems like you have a lot more planned than I do. Did you want to go ahead and get times for everything? Carolina (WC) said we would figure times out when I get there and I guess I am cool with that. Not really stressing it. I am getting married at 4 and have a cocktail hour and reception planned after that. In terms of oot bags, not sure if I will have them delivered or just hand them out myself since I won't have that many people coming.
  10. Thanks for the review. I loved your dress. Where did you have your reception?
  11. Thanks. I contacted Carolina and the El Patio terrace is the only one available on my date which I am okay with. She emailed me a picture of it and its the same pic that is on the site. It has pink tulle coming from the ceiling which i thought was very cute. I also like the idea of doing paper lanterns. I finally caught up on this blog and saw a different picture posted of the El Patio terrace and it was in the open where there was no wood above to hang anything up on. Those of you who have gone, what do you remember from the El Patio terrace? Are there different sections of it? According to the email that Carolina sent me I should be able to hang stuff up. Melissa... thanks for your help Janine
  12. I read your detailed review. It definitely scares me a little bit. I have been practically stalking the trip advisor reviews since I booked and it makes me nervous that some of the reviews are negative. I wanted to book with the Excellence Resort but then I read reviews of theft so I stuck with dreams. Since then I have heard several reports of theft at Dreams so that scares me quite a bit. On trip advisor there are also some pictures of old broken rooms. My travel agent said the resort is supposed to get renovated. Have you heard anything about this? Can't wait to see pictures. Please post soon. Thanks Janine
  13. Thanks Andrea. So I did end up emailing Carolina and just asked for the Pondofino (sp?) terrace. She emailed me back and said it wasn't available on my date but that I could have El Patio. So now I am debating if I want to book this terrace or not. What do you guys think?? It's not my 1st pick but it does look nice. It's weird how all of a sudden I can have a terrace. I think it was because when I emailed her origionally I didn't fill out the wedding form yet. I would email Caroline questions and she would never email me back. Then I filled out the form and got a date. Since then, she has emailed me back same day numerous time. Can't wait to see everyone's pictures. I am super excited.
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