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Thinking of renting linens and bringing with me...

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#31 amyh


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    Posted 09 February 2008 - 02:23 PM

    Jamy, I've had this pic ripped out from a mag since 2006, before we decided on a DW. It was my "inspiration" for my colors, I was ready to go the Home Depot, buy a ton of wood and weather (Sp?) the wood myself!

    What are your colors Alyssa, I can't remeber if you posted them.

    #32 coreyphil

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      Posted 09 February 2008 - 03:46 PM

      Originally Posted by Alyssa
      we will have 6 tables that are 60" round - so they will need 120" linens if we want them to reach the floor.

      then we will have 1 table for the 2 of us and i am not sure what size that one is.

      also - we will have 3 rectangular tables for the rehearsal dinner and i am waiting on the measurements for those.

      PS Carly - i don't even know how to sew!!
      Alyssa - I made my linens ... I ended up making my napkins and I have the fabric for making the table runners. I will just use the standard white long table cloths underneath and then the runners on top. The table runners are a butter yellow linen-look material and I ended up buying dishtowels (crazy!) from antropologie that I love ... I will use these in the center to set the candle trios on. I think to do 40 napkins and 6 table runners was about $75. It was more an issue of time investment (I've been working on them a few every couple of days). The dishtowels were like $14 a piece, but I love them. For me - I didn't want to do $3 or $4 per napkin for polyester or napkins that I didn't like ...

      As for not being able to sew ... any friends that would be willing to help? Seriously ... it's a STRAIGHT LINE ... not difficult! :) There are a ton of online instructions to help ...

      #33 coreyphil

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        Posted 09 February 2008 - 03:53 PM

        apologies for not reading the entire post before replying ...

        i agree with the other girls ... i think buying them and bringing them with is smarter than renting ...

        i love the pic w/ no table cloth and just the runner ... just don't know how that would look with round tables ...

        and you crack me up about "not letting it go" ... i became a bit crazy about the napkin thing early on ... i know that no one will care but me (and most of my friends think i'm crazy when it's revealed that i made the napkins ...) ... but you know how you want your reception to look.

        what are your colors again?

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          Posted 09 February 2008 - 04:07 PM

          Bringing linens can get really costly for two reasons: weight (for airline purposes) and potential charges for extra days.

          I was in the same situation and still feel like the linens and chairs set the tone of my event. So I am definately for the splurge in this area but it must be reasonable. While I don't know where Molokai is, is there another Hawaiian Island closer that you can rent from. Pacific Isle Weddings magazine may have some sources that you can use without having to bring with you directly.

          I also wouldn't worry about the rehearsal dinner so much either. Save yourself the additional cost if you can or just choose a cheap square overlay for some color. You'll be glad you did!

          Jenetta - JPMO

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          #35 Alyssa

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            Posted 09 February 2008 - 06:39 PM

            thanks for all the comments and ideas girls - i really appreciate it!
            and amy that picture is so beautiful!
            the tables are not wood so that is not an option BUT i did talk to my Mom about it this AM and she volunteered to make all the linens and napkins (duh - i don't know why i didn't think of this to start with)

            so here are the colors:

            Rehearsal dinner:
            3 long tables (12 people, 12 people and 14 people). white linen table cloths with tea/seablue runners and napkins. so the 'colors' for this event will be monocromatic blues/teals and white.

            Ceremony / Reception:
            6 or 7 round tables for reception. the colors will be monocromatic browns/beiges with very subtle hints of dark red to accenuate these beautiful laua china plates the lodge has. i am thinking of bring in a lot of texture.

            probably more info than anyone wanted LOL

            so now i not on the hunt to rent or buy linens but the hunt to find affordable fabric.

            thanks again girls!!!

            #36 Minx1969

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              Posted 11 February 2008 - 02:59 PM

              I'm using BBJ Linens since one of their showroom is pretty close to my house.

              Thought about using the resort but BBJ has such beautiful stuff and I really like color so I'm packing an extra suitcase.

              I have girlfriend who will return them for me the day we leave for our honeymoon.

              If you go to the BBJ website - I'm using three colors for the tables: Saffron Bichon, Fire Bichon and Paprika Gold. ..The fabrics are gorgeous (and I have less flowers since the linens speak for themselves). Plus I've got the napkins as well..

              #37 boscobel

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                Posted 19 February 2008 - 03:03 PM

                Seriously, I can't recommend Jo-Mar in Norristown enough. Crazy cheap fabric and lots and lots of options...
                Originally Posted by Alyssa
                so now i not on the hunt to rent or buy linens but the hunt to find affordable fabric.

                thanks again girls!!!

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