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wedding picture list?

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We are going to have my FI's brother-in-law take pictures as a way to save money and he is really good at it as well. Does anyone have a wedding picture list that they gave to their photographer about what type of pictures they wanted taken? I am just thinking that if I dont' have a list before hand of pictures like _ bride & mother, bride,mother & sister's, etc.. that I'll end up forgetting to tell him the day of and miss out on pictures. Thankssmile159.gif

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no matter how many weddings you shoot a list is always nice because the photographer might not know that a certain shot is very important to you. best way is to just make a list of your family and friends and figure out what combinations of them you want in pictures...


beyond that some of my favorite shots have been the first look of course (thats a private moment between the two of you where he sees you for the first time before the ceremony and its a much better way to capture it then when you walk down the isle)


the pictures of you getting ready with hair and make up are my faves always and the photos of teh groomsmen pallin around. dont forget to get lots of detail shots of your tables and flowers and rings and dress. you know what .. just tell him to start taking pictuers and never stop wink.gif hahaha

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Here are some:


Before the ceremony:

Bride getting ready

Bride with mother

Bride with father

Bride with parents

Bride with BM and flower girl

Bride leaving for ceremony


At the ceremony:

Bridge getting out of car

Groom with ushers

Groom walking down aisle / at altar

Flower girl walking down aisle

Ring bearer walking down aisle

Bride walking down aisle

Bride being given away

Groom meeting bride on aisle

Bride/groom at altar

View of everyone at altar during ceremony

Musicians playing

Ring exchange

Candle lighting / sand ceremony

The kiss

Bride and groom coming up aisle

Receiving line

Bride/groom outside

Guests throwing flower petals, birdseed, etc.

Bride and groom in car


Before reception:

Bride/groom before going inside

Bride / groom with her parents

Bride/groom with his parents

Bride/groom with both parents

Bride/groom with grandparents

Bride/groom with attendants

Couple with her family

Couple with his family

Bride/groom entering the reception


At the reception:

Bride/groom's dance

Bride dancing with her father

Groom dancing with his mother

Guests on dance floor

Best man toast

Bride/groom talking with guests

Cake table

Bride/groom cutting cake

Throwing bouquet

Catching bouquet

Bride/groom exit

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just to play devil's advocate here.... IMO lists are a horrible thing to give to a photog -- especially to one who does not do it professionally.


If you are doing a list, I'd keep it to the posed photos only.


Of course, my standpoint on shooting a wedding is capturing the day as it unfolds in front of me - the shots that result are a factor of the day...... not the other way around.


If you give a list, to any photog - novice or pro - then the concern is not about capturing the day -- but fulfilling a list of requirements.


In my approach, I shoot every wedding with the same approach -- of course the details shots are grabbed during the slow times..... and of course we run thru the formal shots.... but every other shot is a direct result of what is going on in front of me. -- Your photographer should really act as your shadow.... and your fiance's, and your parents, and his parents... etc.. -- your photographer should be everywhere at every moment -- looking for moments as they happen. --


not trying to setup the next shot on the list.


When you give this list to a novice, it is adding extra- not-needed pressure on a photographer that might not feel 100% comfortable doing a wedding in the first place.



Of course -- this is coming from a photojournalist - and not a traditional wedding photog.... so you can take my advice with a grain of salt. - but overall I think lists are a horrible, horrible thing.


As a photojournalist - you can not assume anything - Lists assume quite a bit.... but in real life, things dont always go as planned. A photojournalist needs to be constantly on the look for everything.






sorry to go on and on -- but this gets into my approach to photography, so I obviously feel very strong about it! :)


-- just a thought for you though...... I thought you should hear the other side before you confront a volunteer - or "out of a favor" photographer with a shot list. If they are an experienced photojournalist the list idea will probably be rejected - or if they are a novice, it could just make them much more nervous about shooting your wedding!


not to mention the fact that 90% of the shots on all lists should ALWAYS be shot at every wedding.... so there is no reason to add it to a list!

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...don't forget about the cake picture as well, and if possible, have him take pics of the decor of the ballroom before everyone steps in. Tell him not to miss the kiss and the vows. The farther he is from everybody else, the better for everyone. I certainly hope he has at least an interchangeable lens camera and digital. Make sure he also has enough memory cards, otherwise he could end up empty and miss out on a lot. Just trying to help. I'm a photographer.

regards and congrats


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