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Del Sol Slide Show of our EDR Wedding!!!

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I wanted to take a moment to share our slide show from Del Sol photography of our January 19th wedding at the El Dorado Royale. We hired Vincent Guihard, the associate photographer at Del Sol (owned by Sol Tomargo and Matt Adcock). He shot 8 hours on our wedding day with his assistant Diego.


We LOVED working with Vincent and Diego. They were fun and laid back which was really nice considering how much time we spent with them on such a special day. We hope they had as much fun with us as we had with them! They were very creative and totally unobtrusive during the ceremony and reception.


The only thing I would do differently is to ask for a few more classic photos with our families and wedding party. I'm also hoping that within the rest of the photos there is one posed one of Pete and I looking at the camera and smiling. I know it's a little hokey for photojournalism style, but I think his mom who is very traditional will expect some photos like that. But I"m sure if I thought to ask for more photos like that they would have taken them.


Hiring them was an investment. For us it was completely worthwhile because this is how we will be able to look back on and enjoy our wedding day for decades to come. We hired them for eight hours and paid for a room for one night for Vincent and a day pass for Diego. There were no specific stipulations regarding outside photog's in the original contract I signed with EDR. When we were asked to sign a new one that did address this, we refused and they were reasonable and accepted our one night and day pass.


Considering some AI's don't allow any outside photog's I am grateful that we were able to have such amazing people shot our wedding. Would I willingly pay up that kind of money to the EDR again? No! But in the grand scheme of things it allowed us to have what was very important to us and that was beautiful pictures.


While we have not seen all of our photos yet (only this online slide show) we are thrilled!!! My father who had originally balked at the price (though only mildly since he is great and was contributing to the wedding budget) called me today to say he could only describe the photos as spectacular. He said it was absolutely worth the cost and Pete and I completely agree. We would highly recommend without reservation to any couple considering a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya.


SO.... if you haven't already jumped ahead to view the photos- here they are:

del Sol Photography associate photographer Vincent

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I love it!


The have convinced me to do the EDR :)


I feel better with my choice! Your ceremony and reception seem exactly what I am looking for.

Cant wait for your review and I can ask all my questions after :) TEE HEE



You have every reason to be happy! Amazing photos and it looked like an AMAZING wedding!





Can you comment on 1) the beach and 2) the night life.



I love that your family went in the pool in the end! LOL

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Originally Posted by SheaS View Post
Congrats Bre.... Everything looks beautiful. I can't believe you have your pics already. I won't see mine for another week or so!
You reception dinner looked great-It makes me wish I went with the private one!
Shea I quickly saw some of your photos today and they looked great! I can't wait to see more.

The private event was great but if you dinner was anything like our roup dinner at Cocotal, I'm sure it was great. How was dessert and dancing at the Health Bar??
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beautiful pics!! i know, it is an investment, thats how we feel too! where did you get the little maracas? looking for some, haven't found any I like. you look absoluetly amazing... i'm working hard on dieting and working out to get my "clavicles" back again! the lady in the pink dress is stunning.

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The pool pictures... Beyond being hysterically funny, the best part is that it was completely organized by my FATHER!! He is the sweetest, mildest man on the planet but he also loves to party. Apparently, he'd hatched the idea early in the day and recruited people throughout the festivities.


Pete was the first in the pool he didn't wear all his clothes like everyone else b/c he didn't want to ruin his suit. Sooo after he jumps in I look over and he naked at our wedding reception! I guess he wanted to take off his wet boxer briefs... I will say I never really expected to see my husband naked AT the reception.


The next morning I called my parents to say thank you and my mother tells me that she has Pete's boxers... She thought it would be strange if we left behind wet boxers on the table at the reception. Good catch Mom. Good catch...

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