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NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, Etc. meetup anyone?

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Hey guys. Bad news. I just found out this weekend that Chris' whole family is going to D.C. the weekend of June 7th. His cousin, Alice, was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month or two ago (she's only 31) and we're putting together a team for the big walk down there. (Her family lives right outside of D.C.) So obviously I can't make our meet-up, but I'm sure you guys understand. Oh, and in case anyone is interested in Alice's story, she started a foundation to raise funds for young women who haven't had children yet to have their eggs harvested. This is the website: Home


Thanks for understanding. I will definitely be up for the next get together though.

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Ok kids......


I think it's time we get some concrete details in order as to help everyone interested plan for the big day.


Here is what I am thinking.. and yes smoke does come out of my ears when I think.




Circle Line 2 hour Semi-Circle Cruise.


Circle Line New York around Manhattan sightseeing tours


Experience the grandeur of New York on our 2-hour city highlights tour. You'll enjoy magnificent views of the world's premier skyline and a close-up view of Lady Liberty. Sail down the Hudson, cruise around the Battery, up the East River, and under the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges to the United Nations and back. From Pier 83 at 42nd Street on the Hudson River.


The cruise takes 2 hours. Leaves port at 11:30AM

Cost is $27 for adults, with online buying of ticket possible.

Food and drink is available on the ship.


From there, I was thinking we all go somewhere for lunch and drinks a plenty.

Depending where we go for that, we should all be there by 2:30. That way, if some people are not doing the cruise, they could meet up with the gang for the afternoon festivities.


I have no idea where to eat and drink for everyone. I have a few ideas, but perhaps some of our NYC residents can suggest a good place for us to meet up that would not mind us being there for quite a while. Some sort of pub type restaurant might be a good option.


For people planning on staying over:


I have started to look on hotels.com for decent yet affordable hotels in the city. A few that looked good to me were..


Best Western President Hotel: right in Times Square. Seems affordable and gets decent reviews. Lowest price is $249 a night.


Marrakech Hotel: Upper West side boutique sort of hotel. Good reviews overall. Smallish rooms and no elevator though. I like the looks of it as a funky kind of place with a Moroccan vibe.



Roosevelt Hotel New York: Midtown area. Very well reviewed hotel. At $249 a night you get a pretty good room for your money. As with all NYC hotels the rooms tend to be on the small side.


Maybe one of our TAs on here have some recommendations or deals on hotels in the city.


There are a bunch of cheaper options outside of Manhattan too. They would all require either a subway, taxi or train ride to get into the city. But, for a 30 minute $2 subway ride you could save a bunch of money if staying for a few days.


So....that's what we are looking at for now. I just wanted to nail down some details so we can all plan for this accordingly.


Saturday June 7th

Cruise at 11:30Am

Lunch/drinks/mayhem at 2:30 or so.

Possibly dinner/drinks/debauchery that evening too.

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sounds like fun, I'm trying to convince Erik.....but we are also planning a jamaica trip with Kelly and Everton so we will see

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Sounds great Jason, I am getting the feeling though that it maybe just the 4 of us! Does anyone know yet who is a for sure besides Jason, Karen, me and Everton?

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Originally Posted by dragonfly View Post
So this is the list so far, add your name if your meeting us...

Glenda (is your fh cominghuh.gif)
Rebecca(maybe fhhuh.gif)
Andrea and Erik (maybe)

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