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NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, Etc. meetup anyone?


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Since Karen and I will probably not be able to go to the big Cabo shindig this summer I was wondering about the possibility of a big meetup for us people in this area. Seems to me that NYC would be a nice central location for quite a few people to get to from quite a few states.


What I was thinking was a weekend afternoon sometime this summer in NYC or wherever else would work for the most people. For us up here in Albany NYC, Boston, Hartford or a bunch of other places are within a decent drive away. Even Philly would be doable for us. Alas, it's not all about us though, so we would travel anywhere within reason to meet a bunch of you ladies.


So what does everyone think? Summer is not too terribly far off and the sooner a date gets set, the more likely it is that people can plan in advance for it. I would be more than happy to take the reigns in planning and organizing everything. It would be so nice to meet a lot of you in person and have us all spend the afternoon together.


If there is already something like this in the works I apologize. I looked around and did not see anything.



Potential name list (AKA the cool kids)



lucky k72

Mrs.B 2008



lauren c.















Tentative Date: June 7th 2008 (open to suggestions otherwise)


Tentative Place: NYC (once again open to suggestions once more people get on board)

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