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Hawaiian Lingo!


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I loved Shandra's thread on Jamaican Lingo, so i had to copy her only for us Hawaii Girls. Feel free to add more!


These are really cute:

Aloha and Welcome to HAWAII'S Full On Pidgin.


Kranky Kids® Surfer Slang and Hawaiian Slang Dictionary at krankykids.com


From Hawaii Scuba Diving - Complete Guide to Diving Hawaii

Hawaiian Language

Vowels: A, E, I, O and U

Consonants: H, K, L, M, N, P and W

The only place where the Hawaiian language is spoken on a daily basis is on the private island of Ni'ihau, located just off the coast of Kauai. Throughout all the islands you will find many Hawaiian names, words and expressions used in daily life. In fact 85% of all place names in Hawaii are Hawaiian and often have interesting stories behind how they got the name. The Polynesians never had a written language until the Missionaries arrived and found they needed a Hawaiian Bible, so they quickly developed a twelve letter alphabet. It includes five vowels and seven consonants which are pronounced just as they are in English except for the W, which is often pronounced as a V. Hawaiian Pidgin or Slang is another common way of communicating in everyday conversation amongst locals. Here are a few words that you may hear during your visit to the islands. You may also be interested in a Hawaiian-English dictionary which covers more that 5000 words and an introduction to the Hawaiian Language.

Pidgin/Slang What it means

Brah brother, friend

Da Kine can be substituted for anyword

Howzit How are you?, how is it going?

Mo'bettah this is a better way

Shaka (hand gesture) great, cool, take it easy

Stink eye getting a dirty look

Tanks eh? thank you


Regularly used Hawaiian words English Translation


Aloha greeting used to say hello or goodbye. Aloha can also mean love

'Aina land earth

A'a sharp lava

Ali'i Hawaiian royalty

Akamai smart, intelligent


Hale house or home

Hana work, bay

Haole foreigner, Caucasian

Hapa portion or part, mix of races, such as


Hau`oli happy

Heiau ancient Hawaiian religious temple on a raised base of lava rocks

Hoku star

Holoholo to walk or travel for fun

Honu turtle

Hula Hawaiian form of communication

using dance

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a our State Fish, the Hawaiian triggerfish


imu underground pit oven used for cooking luau


kahuna Hawaiian priest

kai ocean, salt water

kama`aina native-Hawaiian or long-time resident

kane man

kapu forbidden, sacred

kupuna respected elder

kupunakane grandfather

kupunawahine grandmother

kau kau food

ku`uipo sweetheart


lanai porch, veranda

lani heavenly

laulau meat or fish wrapped in taro leaves and steamed in a ti leaf packet

lei garland of flowers, leaves, nuts, or shells

lolo crazy

luau feast


mahalo thank you

mahi-mahi dolphin fish

makahiki ancient Hawaiian celebration held annually with sports and religious festivities

malihini newcomer, visitor

mauna mountain

mele song, sing

menehune mythical small people who are rumored to have inhabited the Hawaiian islands before the Polynesians


nai'a dolphin (the mammal)

nani beautiful, enjoyable

nene endangered Hawaii native goose

niu coconut


`ono delicious

`opala trash


pali cliff

paniolo cowboy

poi pounded taro root

puka hole

pupu appetizer, snack


ukulele stringed instrument, small guitar


wahine woman

wai fresh water

wikiwiki quick, fast

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Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
seriously i secrectly hope someone from BDW shows up at my wedding LOL
I think we all secretly wish that too wink.gif How fun would that be?
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