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Pictures before the wedding?

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I wanted to see what people thought about pictures before the wedding?


I really want nice beach pictures, we are getting married under a pretty gazebo at 6pm.. So I am afraid getting married that late we wont get good pictures at the beach.


I was thinking of getting up early in the AM when a lot of people are not on the beach , getting out there for 8am showered in my dress, and my fiance and MOH and bestman, getting pics done at the beach.. Going back to the room taking everything off, and then getting dressed at night again for the wedding.. UGH seems like a lot of work..

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We did our photos the morning after and they came out beautifully. They are my favorite photos out of the 1000+ we got back. I had an updo and slept in my hair and it was totally fine. Went to Laura Mercier for all my makeup and did it myself - with the help of my photographer - the next morning and, imho, I look just as good as the night before except a heck of alot more relaxed.

I was talked into photos before the wedding - for the same reason, lack of light - and those photos are terrible. We are all stiff, posed, and not at all relaxed. But I felt like the next morning, you can see the perspective in our eyes - we are so happy to be together and just enjoying the moment. Plus, in Cabo, the dawn lighting is far more spectacular than the evening.


If you wake up early the morning of, you might peter out before the night is over too...

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I see so many weddings from start to finish - and it is always sweeter when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony (If done the right way.)


I choose a private spot and have the groom stand with his back to the direction that the bride will be walking. (I use a long lens so I am far away and the couple has privacy). The bride walks out and calls the groom's name as she gets close. He turns around - they have their moment - I am able to capture it all. Not only does it make for truly beautiful images, but they get to hang out and talk and enjoy spending time alone. Believe it or not, the walking down the aisle moment is still special to the guys.


If a couple waits to see each at the ceremony, they usually don't end up with any "alone" time because things get busy and crazy after the ceremony. You can still get good shots by planning a little time to yourselves before the reception. But honestly - the guys just don't seem to be as sweet then. I think everyone is really ready at that point to get to the reception, hang out with friends and family and have fun.


Just my two cents - probably worth one cent.

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