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    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    I walked down the aisle to Carrie Underwood "I'll stand by you"... she is an amazing singer and the song is also amazing... people said they loved it! Pick something you love!
  2. staceyandadam

    At home reception?????

    AHR! I am a supporter.. we had our wedding in Playa Del Carmen Feb 21, 2009 and since we live in MN we decided to have an AHR in June for all the family and friends who could not come with to Mexico. The AHR is going to be simple... late start time 630-7p with appetizers, drinks, cake, and dancing. Many of our family and friends were thrilled that we are having something at home... I am wearing my dress again and all the bridesmaids/groomsmen are wearing their clothes again! Can't wait! I think it is a great idea.. we made it apps and drinks only because the cost was outrageous for two full receptions... no matter what it is you and your hubby's day.. do what you love!
  3. Well... I can honestly say we had 43 people with us in Playa for the whole week... it was a rare occasion that my hubby and I had any alone time... We loved having the family and friends with us! It did at times feel very much like a working vacation.... We planned a private honeymoon with the 2 of us later in the year... and by the time we were done with the wedding week we were sooooo excited for the next vacation where it is just us!
  4. staceyandadam

    Our Thoughts And Prayers to StaceyandAdam

    A special thank you to Jean-Marcus who was with us for our wedding in Playa Del Carmen in February! He truely captured the happiest time for us and also an extremely special time for my mother. We love him and he has become a great friend to us but as for my mom she just couldn't get over how professional he was and that he seemed to be everywhere! The last year and 3 months has been a balancing act for our family... planning a wedding and not knowing if mom would be able to come. She saved every ounce of energy for that trip. When she was in Mexico you would have never known she was battling for her life. She lived every moment to the fullest! I am astonished by the out pouring of support from family, friends, and people who have crossed our paths during this journey. My heart felt thanks and love to you all who have taken the time to write, think or pray for us! Thank you! It really does touch our hearts and souls... Stacey and Adam (now Bendzicks!)
  5. They are gorgeous! Anyone would be floored to get such a great invite in the mail! I say send them! GREAT JOB!!
  6. that is to the officer and HIS family...
  7. Ohhh... so unbelievably sad. My brother is an officer and it just brings me to tears when I hear of officers passing in the line of duty. My thoughts and prayers to the officer and her family in their time of need. To all the rest of our officers and military: PLEASE BE SAFE we NEED and LOVE YOU!!
  8. staceyandadam

    Why, why IPOD why won't you work!

    Ok... so here is my conclusion.. I took it to the apple store at mall of america.. they rebooted it.. and erased all my music... I came home it still works on my mac but not on my pc... Apple gave me a new itunes cd to download to my pc and that didnt fix it soooo I am going to move all my music from my pc to my mac since the ipod works on my mac! Ahhhhh! Thanks for all the advice and help! ps I did switch from the usb port on the front of my pc to the one on the back per your suggestion! No luck! Oh, well I guess my Ipod is strictly mac only now! Must they be soooo choosy!
  9. ahhh I have no idea how to get it from too small to NOT too big! I have resized it in powerpoint down to 3inches by 2 inches and it shows up HUGE... hmm...
  10. dear god!! now it is huge! hahahahaha I will have to keep working at it! Thanks for all your help!
  11. I can resize the height and width... but I do not know what to resize it too... any suggestions...
  12. what should I resize it too? Hmm... this is not working for me!
  13. is it easier to upload into photobucket or just from my pc?
  14. staceyandadam

    March Signature Picture Theme

    here is mine! currently tryiing to figure out how to make it bigger in my siggy..
  15. Hey everyone... I made my siggy collage in powerpoint and when I saved it as a jpg and uploaded it to BDW it is small! Anyone know how to make it bigger?