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I have heard/read about the sand ceremonies and I would like to do that but instead of having just us and/or parents add sand together, I would like all of our guests to add a little bit of sand as a way to unite our two families as one big family. What do you think?

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We are doing the stone ceremony so each of our guests will put a stone in a pail that is passed around and then our moms are going to dump the stones in a bigger bucket. Now that I have bored you with what I am doing...You could do something similar and give each person a "shot" of sand and have them pass around what ever container you are putting it in. Once the containers get to the front you both can take them and put them together. This could be a good DIY project--figure out a fancy way to give each person a glass of sand. You could have your side do one color and his do another. If you are having a smaller group you each could walk to each person to get their sand.

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I've seen similar things done with flowers. (I'm a caterer so I'm at a lot of weddings!)


At the start of the aisle there were large pails of white flowers and each guest chose one and added it to a green arrangement on the altar before the ceremony. The priest then went on to say how we are influenced by those who love us to make us a unique being...It was beautiful and needless to say I cried.


I think doing the same thing with sand would be a great way to make all of your guests feel special and a part of the ceremony!

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