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Nathan and Cynthia

Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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Originally Posted by sungoddess_08 View Post
That's great!! We are just going to do a ROV - and get married here awhile before, we have to figure out how much time in advance we should do that - I want to wait as close as possible to the date, but someone said paperwork takes awhile. Ah, that's something else I need to look into this weekend! lol...

But yes - we leave the 22 and get married the 28, with our guests leaving the 29. We don't have flight times yet, so I just hope everyone doesn't have to leave too early on the 29th. Then we move to Dreams also on the 29th! So excited.
Your parent's in -law are staying as well for 2 weeks?
You'll def have to let me know how Dreams turns out.. are you going to Dreams Punta Cana, or Palms ?

When I called our City Hall here for info for legal ceremony, they said it takes 2 months. Not sure how different it'll be for you.. but def something to get looking in to.

Originally Posted by DawnBuckley View Post
Happy New Year everyone! Haven't taken too much time to check the site out and get caught up. Now it's time to buckle down and get the guys dressed as well as the girls. My dress comes in for a fitting at the end of March (nothing like cutting it close!). Got a treadmill for Xmas so now there are no more excuses!

How is everyone doing? I got great news over the holidays. My cousin is now coming to the wedding with her boyfriend Ted who just happens to be a photographer! We were not planning to get professional photos done since my brother in law is great at photography and my FI's daughter is studying photography now. However, Ted has offered to do our photos as a wedding present so that will be awesome! We can have guests take photos and he can take some too!

Is anyone doing the disposable camera thing? I still love the idea of guests snapping shots of each other throughout the evening. Anyone else thinking of disposable cameras on the table?
Happy New Year to you as well!!! smile03.gif

Ohh nice, those suckers are $$$ (trendmills) but they work. I got a Wii for xmas and I've been working out harder on this then i have in my totaly 3-4 months of working out on my own at home.
Ohhh so lucky, what a nice gift to get.. plus I am sue it'll help him promotte his work!! I cant wait to see how your pics turn out.

I was thinking of the camera's. But I keep going back on how much I am spending. I am doing the OOt bags ($15 p/p or couple.. depending on if they are coming alone) i was going to do lanterns but then figured I am doing 2 weeks and my plane changed from A/C to A/T (and they have a lot less baggage allowance) I will skip the laterens and go for 'mint to be' on the table.
Camera's are about 5-7$ That's add up to much for me at 23 guest.
Great idea tho.

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Happy new year everyone!!!!!!


inloveindr : congratulation!!!!


Tracy that will be nice for you to stay another week, more relax time after the wedding :)


3 out of 5 of the guys tried on their suit's (that we got this week from studio suit) and they fit perfectly. My fiance love's is, he had a big smile on is face, it's so funny is like the girl in our realtionship and I feel more like a wedding planner in all of this LOL


I need your suggestions on the guys shirt, my bridesmaid's are in fushia and I'm in a cafe au lait dress, what color should my fiance and the guys be wearinghuh.gif

what we are thinking right now is my fiance in Fushia and the others in a lighter pink.

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well no more excuses for me.....I have a 30k marathon to do at the end of March, so on with the training!!!! I totally made a pig of myself over the holidays because I knew I wouldn't be indulging again till maybe after the wedding....So goodbye to junk food and booze.....it was bittersweet, but will be worth it!!!!


isy beau....I think your FI should be different from everyone else. Maybe he should have something that accents your dress and have the groosmen in pink? I stink at this kinda stuff, my MOH has a chocolat accent on her dress, so my FI will have wearing a short sleeve chocolat shirt, no tie ( he hates ties), and a suit jacket.....keeping it simple!!!!

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Whew!! You girls are ahead of me, haha I ordered my dress last week but I have had NO thought about what they will be wearing. My FI has looked at some linen pants for him, but he's tall and hasn't found a pair that fit right (and aren't so see-through that you can see everything), and a white button down dress shirt. The guys, we've mentioned putting them in khakis and a button down white shirt also. I want REALLY simple, no matching colors for this and they won't be wearing ties -- perhaps bouttenieres if I get fancy. lol I saw a picture of this set up and it looks really nice.


Has anyone heard from Carolina or Kenia? My FI emailed to tel them we booked and wanted to know if we could firm up our time and we haven't heard back. I am assuming she was busy/off over the holidays so that's fine, but I know some people were getting bounced back.

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Hey girls,

What are you guys saying to get the guys motivated about getting their clothes together?? grrrr....Im gettting angry, all our guys are on huge diets and are more like women then I've ever seen......And its annoying because they've never been like this before!! Their all like....."I can't get clothes yet, I have more weight to lose!" ughhhhh....MEN!

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