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  1. Tracy, your TTD session is beautifull I only got a fruit basket upon arrival. no rum and no gift we got the breakfast the next morning, but was to hangover to eat, we went to the buffet later lol Sungoddess 1) I had my own private photographer from down here, so I can't help you on that one, sorry. but I can tell you she was with me from 1pm to 12am. 2) I brought my cd with my music to go down the aisle, and then another cd for my first dance that I had on the beach (beach party). 3) We got La Uva, you have a big selection for the menu, we had onion soup, t-bone steak and brownie. 4) The cake is beautifull and delicious we choose vanille cake, but you can also have chocolate. we were a group of 25 and had plenty of cake left lol 5) my timeline: wedding ceremony at the new gazebo at 4pm, dinner at la uva at 6h30pm and beach party at 8h30pm everything was perfect that way for us and my guests. 6) I absolutly recommend the beach party, it's was really nice and the party was great It was the perfect day for me, but it goes by to fast brides to be, don't worry about small details, the setting there is so beautifull and romantic the only thing missing is YOU
  2. Dawn, I was able to see your pictures, you looked beautifull in your dress CONGRATS
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MilitaryMrs.s-to be Dawn, I added you on FB so I can creep on on your pictures!! lol Isabelle, They lost one of my vases and my cd, I only got my sand ceremony and the other 2 vases because I went to her office and asked for them, she gave me the sand ceremony and then had the rest sent to my room, which I didn't get and had to track her down after another wedding and ask her for my stuff, which she sent to "my room" when it was actually at the reception in the lobby. And my cd and vases was missing, which sucks cause I took them out of my reception vases. Oh well, somebody is enjoying my cd! lol My AHR is tomorrow............ughhhh...We spent all of today getting ready for it, we decorated from 9:30am to 6:30pm...........I'm dead tired So that being said, I'm off to bed Nite Ladies <3 the day after the wedding I had an excursion, so I went to see Carolina the next day to get all my stuff, she only had my beach bag with her, she didn't have my vases from my sand ceremony and didn't know where my official vase was, she said she would look into that during the day and send it ot my room, sine I was leaving the day after. I got to my room at around 6pm, nothing there, and she finished work at 4pm, so after dinner I went looking for ti on my own, I went to the reception to see if thay had any info on it, Ramirez did some call for me after 1 hour he said that Joselito at punta cana had it, got to punta cana receptipn he only had my cake I crossed a another bride that I knew, told her my story and she told me to go look in the chapel, that is where she found one of her things missing, so I went I found my box and my vases of y sand ceremony, but not my official vase. I decided to go to the La Uva last place I ever saw my sand vase, good thing I had my box with the picture on it, cause thay have no clue of want I'm talking about, the captain tells me tht thay sent it to my beach party, not true, is confused, and then a waitress arrives and tells him something in spanish, she saw it and kinda knows where it is, but at the end, no one knows where it is, he tells me I'll send the info to the recpetion the next morning. So next morning I go to the palace reception, no news, he tells me to go to punta cana recpetion no news they call Carolina in her room cause it's 7h30am and I'm leaving at 8h30 she tells me that my vase was at my beach party, I repaet myself, that it never got to the beach party, she apologize and tells me that she will make some call's AGAIN. anyways the story end's with that thay have no clue of where it is, thay will still look for it, and if thay find it, thay will ship it to me, so qill see about that. My husband was really upset, cause this was really significative for us but like I said, it was the only negative thing, at least we have pictures of it at the restaurant sorry for my long story I guess I needed to vent at the same time lol Have a good time at your AHR tomorrow
  4. Hi everyone, congrats to all the newlyweds I just got back last night, I had a amazing week, wish I was still there, it's so cold here hahaha I also missed the meeting, I was still trying to find my way hahaha the resort is so big, spent most of my time in the royal and palace section Carolina is really good, she know's what she's doing. the only negative thing I have to say, is that my heart shaped vase of my sand ceremony is lost somewhere but they are still looking for it, and will send it to me when tehy find it. I had the beach party, we had a blast. Wouldn't do it any other way, it was really awesome, it is already decorated and all. Half of my group was upgraded in the royal section, the other half had children with them so they had to stay in the palace section, it was a bit dissapointing at first to be separated, but I didn't want to miss out on the royal section. We were a group of 25, so it was hard to see everyone so on the second day, I went and saw David the butler and after 2 hours of hard work on both side LOL, I was able to have reservation for all of my group for every night at all the different a la carte restaurants. we did two excursions, the marinarium (snorkeling with sharks and sting rays) and the dune buggies, my personal favorite (drive in the mud) LOL I'm trying to get all my info in order lol the future brides, if you have any questions, fell free to ask
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Perfect!! Happy one week!! lol today at 2:30 I said in a week we'll be at our ceremony!!! Hows everything going? got everything done? what about ur AHR? Thanks so much Isabelle, Would u like to meet up at one point? I keave only on the 24th Sungodes, Hows it going with you Hows the planning? Dawn, I'll be able to wish you happy wedding in person. But have a safe flight. And try and enjoy your time before the wedding, try not stress to much (I'll have to take my own advice) see you Saturday xoxo I'm arriving on the 15, so I can go meet you girls at 8pm at hemmingways
  6. Best wishes to all of you that are leaving soon do you girls know what is plan B if it does rain? but it won't rain LOL
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover WHo's having the beach party after dinner? Are you decorating the place, or bring stuff done, or you will just deal with however it normally gets set up? I don't know what to do! I'm having the beach party after dinner, the only decoration that I'll bring is my centerpieces from dinner, I'm just gonna transfer them to the beach party.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by shankd well the marathon went better than expected....I ran 30K in 3 hrs and 5 min......not too bad for my first, lol. I'm a very sore girl today though!!! I'm pretty much done everything....I'm getting a color put in on the 10th to give it super shine, my shower is that afternoon!!! Maybe my bachlorette that night, who knows!!! My oot bags are done, my kids clothes and shoes and all are ready to be put in a suitcase, I just have to pick out a hair style....does anybody have a good website so I can go though hair styles Is anyone bringing there own decorations for the wedding WOW 30K, congrats!!!!!! i would be dead after 20 minutes LOL I'm bringing my own centerpieces (plastic bol, with water pearls inside, and candles on top) simple, but cute and easy to bring. oh yeah and I'm also bringing my sand ceremony that's my biggest worry, cause I don't know how to bring it back can I bring it back with me on the plane? in my carry-on?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CherryBomb Congrats Shankd! That's awesome! I soooo envy anyone that can run...I'm carrying some big boobs around haha so hate to run! I did booty camp in Whitby for 8 weeks and have been working with the trainer on the side now for a few weeks. I've lost 12 inches all over - mostly in my waist and hips but still feel like I'll look like a beached whale! I'm a size 12 so compared to most of you who were saying you're sizes 2 and 4 - wow - I'm so envious! I think the last time I was a 4 was when I WAS 4 years old! haha Anyway, at least I feel fantastic in my wedding dress and am really excited for Andrew to see me in it. I hope he cries...haha isn't that every woman's dream? hehe Has anyone written their own vows? We decided we wanted to do that but now with 2 weeks to go and neither of us having started I'm starting to stress. Are there coles notes for that kind of thing? haha congratulation on your weight lost, my FI works hard to lose weight to, it's not easy, so congratulation to you I hope my FI cries too hahaha I tought I was the only one hoping so hahaha we wanted to write are own vows but we leave in two weeks, and we haven't started, so I think will just forget it.....
  10. Tracy I love the new hairstyle you chose
  11. hey girls, it seems like we all have early flights (around 6h45am) but all on different days, so we're all on the same boat airport at 3h30am urkkkk LOL but in punta cana for 11h30, so that's good I decided not to complicate my life to much, so no oot bags for me, I'll buy something at the market over there for party favors. There is so many things that we can do, I read alot of good ideals, but at one point I decided on my mental health LOL, so I tried to keep it simple..... I'm going for my hair apointement 5 days before we leave, I already have blond highlights, so no big change for me hihihi but I am going to get waxed, and that will be the first time for me, I don't know if I'll survive it LOL Courtney I think were all gonna look creepy trying to find one and another LOL 19 days before I leave
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by skdoucetanderson@shaw.ca I arrive on the 15 aswell, around the same time... we are flying in SunWing from Toronto, although my FI and I leave on the 29 (our guests all fly back on the 22). Where do you fly in from? Maybe we will be on the same shuttle : ) I'm flying in from Montreal with Air Transat, my flight is landing in Punta Cana at 11h15 am
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Isabelle, are you doing 1 week or 2 at our resort? Def, everyones support and ideas have been a great help!!! Dawn, are you going to be staying at our resort for 1 week or 2? So far I have Danielle on the 17th Isabelle on the 15th Courtney on the 11th and i just put Steph arriving on the 11th ? And me on the 10th Sorry I think it'd also be a lot easier if everyone add's when they are leaving. I'm there for 1 week arriving on the 15th and leaving the 22nd
  14. I'm arriving on the 15th at 11h00am. On the same note has MilitaryMrs.s-to be, I would like to thank all of you girls for just being there and sharing, it has help me alot sungoddess_08 don't worry like Tracy said you're lucky cause your gonna have all of are reviews and pictures
  15. Hey, I'm leaving in 24 days, I went for my final dress fitting saturday, she still has to bring it in some more, I also brought my FI suit and one of my BM dress to get fix. Can't wait to have everything DONE!!!! I still have to do my cd also, for the ceremony and the beach party. I'm arriving on the 15 so I wont be there for the meet and greet.