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Nathan and Cynthia

Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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I have had the most successful two days of wedding shopping!


I bought beautiful chair sash fabric, for half price, it's organza and has green, yellow and blue threads in it is like shot silk and will go with almost everything


I bought 25 star fish for $20 at a "going out of business" sale to go with the chair sashes (instead of bows at the back)


I bought a gorgeous wedding album at that same sale


I finally picked up my cake topper, and I love it!


I bought the center vase for my sand ceremony, it's actually a candle holder, we will put our sand in the cylinder, seal it with a glue-sand paste and then put the candle holder on top, fill that with water and have a floating candle in it for the reception. it sort of looks like this: http://www.plainbiz.com/Biz/71/hangi...thcylinder.jpg


My mom is making me a cute little jacket to go with my dress (since when the sun goes down I will get cold)


Yay, it's all coming together! Just wanted to share with my fellow GP brides! smile159.gif

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just to let you girls know that they have more pictures of the gazebo on palladium addicts....the construction is almost done and it looks beautiful!!! Check it out!!! I was almost in tears......=)

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I knoooooow, the gazebo is going to be sooo beautiful. I know I will be torn when it comes down to pick between that gazebo and the beach (since my whole idea was to get married on the beach, but the gazebo is so pretty and nice)


So I decided, and I bought an Ipod nano for the wedding. I figured I would buy the docking system and we can also use it for our non fancy reception dinner in town.

Now I just have to figure it out!! I've never used one of these things before. I feel so old. What happen to gameboys?!


I'm really hoping Carolina will allow me to set the system up somewhere in the garden at night and have our own little party going on. I know our guest will have to go walk to a bar if they want a drink (since it's no private reception) but I figured it would be a nice touch, as suppose to going to the disco and not really hear our own songs. *fingers crossed* they she says it's ok!

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