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What are your intentions with the preliminary RSVP? Just curiosity? or does your resort need them? I am asking just because some people may not know for a few months because of finances,schedules, and all. Maybe you could just be a little less formal about it and just ask people a few weeks after you send out the STDs. I guess my concern is if you put an RSVP date on the STDs some may think that is their only chance to go. JMO.

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Well I got this idea from another DW member....this is what I thought I could write:


At this early stage we would love to hear who might be able to join us for our wedding at Melia Caribe in Punta Cana, November 15, 2008. Your response is not set in stone, but will help us along with our planning.

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I know exactly what you mean. We are in the same predicament. (Looks like you are getting married a week after me) YAY for November brides!


I am going to send out a STD postcard next month and then send out another one in July with the preliminary RSVP.

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