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Location Ideas, Need Cheaper Options

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Hi all,


This is the bride here, not Tav. We've gotten a lot of proposals from hotels and restaurants and it's just insanely expensive...more than we were expecting.


Does anyone know of a location where you can get married that is not a hotel or restaurant? We've looked into the Villas, but they're a little expensive to stay at, so we took them off the list.


We're looking for ocean view, cliff or near beach is fine. We'll have to find some other place to do the reception, so have to look into that too. Any help would be appreciated!!!





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It wasn't cheap, but have you looked at the Cabo Surf Hotel? in 2006 we found their prices to be low compared to other hotels (don't know their 2008 prices, sorry).


Another option is to rent out a house that is on the beach at Costa Azul and just have a wedding right there on the beach! This place comes to mind: Casa Sueno - San Jose Del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas Luxury Villa Rental


We actually saw someone get married there. You can rent out the whole villa for the week. The owner is the guy who married us, actually, but you can do the booking through the company I think. It's not a fancy resort but it is beachside and the pool is very cute too.

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