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    Shipping Times

    Wow! Thank you for the info. That's extremely helpful. Thank you both@
  2. Hopefully there's someone out there who can help me. I'm in LA and our wedding is a little over 3 weeks (6/29). Can anyone tell me roughly how long it would take to ship a box or two to Cabo? Also, is USPS/Mexican Postal Service a totally unreliable way to ship? I'm wondering whether we'd be crazy to use the Mexican postal service. Obviously, UPS/FedEx are a lot more expensive, but replacing everything would be really costly too! Any thoughts/help would be welcomed!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by augustbride Great point... let me know what you find out as I am getting married there in August on the Blue Marlin... I'll also check with my wc and let you know what she says. That's cool! What time of day are you getting married? I'm a little worried about 1) the heat at 6:30pm (but we're in the shade, so hopefully it won't be bad) and 2) the lighting issue. Well, honestly, I'm worried about a whole lot of other things! But those are highest on my list.
  4. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on whether we'd need lighting for the reception on the Hilton's Blue Marlin Terrace. The reception is starting at 7:30pm and sunset is supposed to be at 8:00pm. I believe there are supposed to be candles set up by the Hilton, but I'm not sure yet how many. Our centerpieces will have 3 floating candles, but other than than, we don't have any lighting. I want it to be dimly lit, romantic setting, etc, but I don't want people to be chatting and eating in the dark. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Tav

    Hilton Bride Info

    Hmmm...I feel safe on the On Consumption, but I'll be sure to confirm that no wine or drinks will be served if they're not ordered. I'd say half of our guests don't drink alcohol period, so I don't think open bar would be best for us. I had not arranged for free soda/water. Should I!?!? What's an easy way to "negotiate" that? Maybe they won't since we're on consumption? Great info, by the way. Thank you for replying.
  6. Tav

    Hilton Bride Info

    Hey Jen, Thanks for the post and info on shade/sun. Quick clarification on the drinks, what do you mean about the wine? We'd planned on picking 5 bottles of red and 5 of white for everyone to drink during the night and if they want more they would order a glass. Not sure what you mean about them opening a bottle without someone asking. Also, we DON'T have heavy drinkers (well, maybe one or two), so we figured the open bar would be more than most would drink. What do you think? Thanks again!
  7. Hey all! Our wedding is one month away, at the Hilton, and I just wanted to find out if anyone out there who's gotten married there has any advice or "warnings"? I've read a few posts about the WCs, but so far everything is going fine in that area. We're getting married on the Black Marlin Terrace and having the cocktails and reception on the Blue Marlin Terrace. There will be about 30 people. Any information we should know about is welcome. Here are a few specific questions: 1. Can anyone confirm whether 6pm in June is a good time to get married? I looked into it previously, but wondering if anyone's actually done it. 2. Can anyone tell me what direction the Black Marlin Terrace faces at this time of year? Will the sun be directly in front of us? Will we be in the shade? 3. We're having an "On Comsumption" bar. Any tips on this front? I've heard that sometimes this is shady because things end up on your tab that you're pretty sure your guests didn't order. Does anyone have experience in this area at the Hilton? 4. Anything else!!??! So worried I'm going to miss something. Hope everyone's doing great. Kelly
  8. Hey all, Being unfamiliar with all things 'wedding', I'm asking for advice on how to get my dress down to Cabo for the wedding, preferably, from past brides who've actually done it already. Do I take it down on the plane with me, wrinkling it horribly or do I ship it down risking it not arriving on time or at all? I'm thinking I will take it down and bring one of those handheld steamers to steam out the wrinkles. However, I just found out today from a recent groom that the dress doesn't show up from the store ready-to-wear so it has to be pressed anyway. Should I not have it pressed in the US and take it down, not worrying about the wrinkles since it's not pressed anyway, and take it to a place in Cabo to be pressed? Is there a magic wedding dress transportation machine that will solve this problem? If not, advice is seriously appreciated. Cheers, Kelly
  9. Tav

    Hilton Brides Issues

    We're booked for 6/29 and I'm working with Jaira too. I've found that she is slow, but I think it's because she's just busy. When I call her, she'll spend however long on the phone answering my questions for me and I email her these long lists of questions and it usually takes her a week to get back to me and sometimes I have to send a follow up email (hey, did you get my email? Do you have any questions about my questions?), but her responses are helpful, though short. I would just communicate with her. Tell her that you're getting a little nervous with the wedding just 2 months away and ask her what needs to be done by when. This could also be part of the "latin" sense of time. As American brides, we're probably eager to book early and they're just thinking, eh, everything will work out fine ; ) Basically, if Jaira is your WC, you just need to e proactive and not wait for her to come to you. Hopefully this helps. If you want to swap info, PM me. Good luck!
  10. Hey everyone, I noticed that there's not a lot posted for the Pueblo Bonito hotels, so I thought I would post what we were sent. We didn't end up booking with them, for random reasons. The ceremony and reception locations and prices just didn't suit our needs, but in case anyone else is interested, here you go: PB Los Cabos Locations & Prices.pdf Proposal Sunset HUBBARD Wedding.doc PB Pacifica, Ceremony & Reception Areas.ppt PB Pacifica Wedding Packages.doc
  11. Tav

    Thailand or Bali - where would you go?

    I've been to Thailand, and it was pretty awesome. Specifically, it was cheap and you got a really good vacation out of a decent priced trip. Also, there is a good mix of outdoorsie things to do, IE diving, snorkling, sitting on the beach, and cultural things such as all the temples in Bangkok and the other city just north (can't recall the name). I'm planning my honeymoon to Bali though, since we've been to Thailand... and flights to Tahiti and Bali are the same price (but the hotels in Tahiti are just way overpriced).
  12. Hi all, This is the bride here, not Tav. We've gotten a lot of proposals from hotels and restaurants and it's just insanely expensive...more than we were expecting. Does anyone know of a location where you can get married that is not a hotel or restaurant? We've looked into the Villas, but they're a little expensive to stay at, so we took them off the list. We're looking for ocean view, cliff or near beach is fine. We'll have to find some other place to do the reception, so have to look into that too. Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks! Kelly
  13. Hi all, This is the bride here, not Tav. We've gotten a lot of proposals from hotels and restaurants and it's just insanely expensive...more than we were expecting. Does anyone know of a location where you can get married that is not a hotel or restaurant? We've looked into the Villas, but they're a little expensive to stay at, so we took them off the list. We're looking for ocean view, cliff or near beach is fine. We'll have to find some other place to do the reception, so have to look into that too. Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks! Kelly
  14. Tav

    Ever been to The Hilton?

    Thanks for posting your information Cabobride2be. It helped us settle on the hilton, and we're probably doing June 8th, 2008 (so a few days after you)! I did call the hilton today regarding the different locations, and they stated that they do not close down the pool at Whale Watching terrace. Also, the dolphin terrace is designed for 600+ people, so I'm not sure how much empty space there would be, or if that is even a problem. For some reason, they didn't tell us about the sun fun hut. Is that the area below black marlin terrace? Also, there's a mention of the sunset terrace, and I didn't see pictures up of that either... anyone have any opinions?
  15. Hi All, I'm at an impass trying to figure out where to go for our honeymoon, and could use some advice from people that may have considered or went to great places. Wedding date: June 2008 Honeymoon date: first week of August 2008 Budget: $6-8k time: 10 days (fri-sun) roughly First, my fiance and I have travelled extensively so would prefer something "really exotic", but want to be at least somewhat high-end since this is our honeymoon (we often stay at hostel and B&Bs to save cash, but prefer not to for our honeymoon). We've gone to Southern Africa, Thailand, Japan, and Costa Rica together. Both of us have travelled fairly extensively by ourselves. Because our time is fairly short, it is August (peak), we're looking to spend at least 2-3 days vegging on a beach, and then maybe the rest of the time running around and "seeing stuff". So I've given some thought to: - Hawaii/other places in the US - not exotic enough, and we go to Hawaii every year or so for a long weekend. - Europe: Croatia seems high on my list, but not sure if August will be too hot,a nd since it is peak, will it be a total cluster. I know to avoid Europe during August due to things being closed, and it being really high-peak season. A thought was to spend 4-5 days in Croatia, and maybe a few days in another country nearby... maybe even Moscow or St Petersburg or Prague. - South America: Argentina was a thought, since my fiance lived there as an exchange student. We're considering doing 3 weeks in South America though, so I don't want to overlap. If we opted for Brazil, she'd be disappointed we didn't make it to Argentina. - Centernal America/Carribean: hot, humid and approaching hurricane season. I've been there a number of times, so would prefer someplace more exotic. - Asia: a tad far, and not enough time. We want to do 2-3 weeks in China sometime. India is 2-3 weeks (plus I'm indian so I'd want to go for longer). Vietnam is an option, and would be cool to do 2-3 days in HK or singapore then a week in Vietnam. We really liked Thailand, and Vietnam is high on our list. I'm not sure on how "high end" it will be though.... going potty in a hole is probably roughing it too much for our honeymoon. - Australia/NZ: my company is australian, I might be able to actually wrangle a free flight, and turn the HM into 16 days by working a week. I've been there before, though I'd love to go back. NZ is not beachy at all, and driving around in an RV doesn't seem like much of a honeymoon (though would be fun). - South Pacific: Maldives, I've always wanted to go to, Sechelle and Mauritis all are LONG plane rides and are rediculasly priced to go, in the $2500+ per person range. Cook islands are a tad more reasonable, but still pretty crazy. Tahiti is like $1300 for a ticket and an 8 hour flight out of LAX. So really in my mind my main options are Australia if I could do some sort of work trip too, eastern-south pacific, Eastern SP (Tahiti), Vietnam, or Croatia. Tahiti seems the best option for the short trip, meets all of our requirements except that it is not THAT exotic, and I may get really bored unless we have some active stuff to do. Although in August they say it is perfect weather (68-82 with no humidity). It may also work to visit another area nearby for 2-3 days like Fiji or whatever. Do you guys think a package would be best, or book the stuff separately? Usually I book things separately since you have a lot more flexibility with hotels, and it is almost always cheaper for large trips. Anyone have any ideas?