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Shelby's Moon Palace Review
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By shelbygirl, · 1,016 Views · 8 Comments

Pros: Complimentary wedding package, $1500 resort credit to do excursions, beautiful rooms, great service,
Cons: Bad communication with coordinator, size of resort

We were married at the Moon Palace on 3-11-11.



This was a struggle. We picked Moon Palace because it was relatively close to the airport, the resort credit and complimentary weddings.  I did my booking with a local MN travel agent. Once I got into the planning process I asked my Miami wedding coordinator(Carilis) if I qualified for the wedding benefits. She said to talk to my travel agent about it. My travel agent submitted me for it and a month later said I was approved. I was SO excited because that meant I was going to get the cocktail party for free.  The following week I had my first contact with my Cancun coordinator(Kalena) I told her I was approved for the benefits, but she said she didn't have record of it and had to do some checking. This "checking" went on until a month prior to my wedding.  At that point she emailed me to say I was NOT going to get the benefits. They said I didn't qualify.  I was outraged. I had already been told I was approved by my travel agent. Basically neither my travel agent or wedding coordinator would do anything.  They wouldn't return my emails or calls. I finally complained on the Palace Resorts Facebook page about the lack communication I was getting.  By doing that someone contacted me and gave me what I was promised. I still don't know where the mix up was. They initially told me I was denied benefits because not everyone booked through my travel agent.  On their website it doesn't give the "rules" for the benefits and my travel agent never discussed any of the details with us.





Transportation/Check in - A

Part of our package through our travel agent was the transportation from the airport to resort. We did have to wait about 30 mins to get a full van to transport us. We were greeted at the resort with a cold wash cloth and a carnation. Our check in was super fast and we weren't hasseled by people trying to give us a tour of the resort and sell a time share:)




Room A+

I think every room has a view of the ocean.  We stayed in Pantera.  We loved it. The rooms were nice. We used the hot tub almost every night. We used the room safe every day and never had a problem with any little things being taken. We did leave a tip amost every day for housekeeping. The rooms come with soap, shampoo and conditioner. We did run out as we both showered at least twice a day.





Resort  A-

The resort is beautiful and has so much do.  The one downside is the size.  We had a few older people along and so we basically stayed on our side of the resort because it was a hassle for them to get a cart and just the logistics of getting 23 people to another place. I wish we had explored more before our guests got there.  The service is outstanding. Often when you are dining a server will carry your plate to your table!  All of the staff are very friendly.  The beach is terrible. It honestly isn't a big deal though. The pools are great.  The other thing I hadn't read about was the WIND.  It was windy every day we were there. 




Restuarants A

We loved Arrecifes. It is a brazillian restuarant where they bring meat on scewers.   We had our welcome dinner the night before the wedding on the terrrace right outside of Arrecifes. The service was AWESOME. Early in the day my husband had gone deep sea fishing.  They were able to bring some of the fish back. The chef prepared to for us 3 different ways. My husband was SO happy with this and everyone thought it was really neat that they did that. 


Fish prepared 3 different ways.



Arrecifes is only open at night. This is what it looks like during the day.



Our welcome dinner on the terrace outside Arrecifes Restaurant.


Excursions A+

We did 4 excursions. First, we did the zip line. It rained that day so it was slightly delayed. The place you zipline at is almost across the road from Moon Palace.  It was fun, but I doubt I would do it again.  There are about 7 different lines to go down and I would have been good after 3.  We also did the jungle tour. You take two person speed boats out to an area to snorkel.  It was fun. I wish there had been variety of fish to see...lots of the same blue fish. My husband and two guys did the deep sea fishing. They caught a lot of fish and had a good time.  The best excursion was the Swim with Dolphins. I LOVED this.  I wish it would have been twice as long.  You can't take your camera, but they do take pictures for you...although they are spendy.  


I ziplined upside down :)



Jungle tour....these are the two person speed boats



My husbands BIG catch!



Loving the Dolphins!



Wedding  A++

I was really upset about the way the wedding planning had been going. Once I got there and met my coordinator (Kalena) I was totally over all that. She was awesome. We met with her the day after we arrived and went over all the details.  She showed us pictures of options and went got everything figured out. I took a suitcase of all my stuff and she kept it and took care of everything the day of the wedding. We went with the complimentary wedding. We added the horse carriage ride and music at the meal.  I got the cocktail party for free and then paid an extra $15 per person for the supper.  I brought my own parasols to decorate the beach, ribbon to wrap the bouquet steps in.  I also brought maracas that were placed at the table and used for us to kiss. I made programs and attached them to fans and wanted them placed on the chairs, but because it was SO windy they were hung on the chairs. Prior to the ceremony guests were asked to place a sea shell in a vase and then we used that to do our sand ceremony, we used a map of mexico as our guest book.  The food was okay...we did the buffet.  Probably the worst I had while I was at the resort. It was just rubbery and luke warm.  We did the sea shell cake, which was not extra.   I had my hair and makeup done at the hair salon, but used my resort credits to pay for it. Doris did my hair and it was exactly like I wanted...I did take a picture. I saw several wedding parties get their hair done while I was in there and all of them looked great!


I brought the parasols.









The cake was part of the complimentary package.


Additional Costs for our wedding-

2 bouquets for bridesmaids $100

Horse Carriage                         $130

Petals for flower girl               $35

Audio for reception                $220

Private function 15/ea           $345

Event set up                              $65  This was for her to put out our decorations

Flower for hair                          $30


0220-N.jpg 0233-N.jpg



Photographer A++

We brought a photographer(JM Photography) from MN with us. She has photographed us a few times prior to the wedding. I'm a photographer myself and this is the one area I wouldn't skimp on. I paid her $2000 plus her airfare and hotel for two nights.  She gave us a deal because this was her first destination wedding plus she did a trash the dress session the next morning.









Our time line -

12pm hair done

12:45 pictures of my husband getting ready

1:30 pictures of me getting ready

2:15pm  pictures of us

2:45 pictures of wedding party

3:30 everyones head to beach

3:45 picked up by horse carriage

4:00 wedding

4:30 pictures of us on the beach

5:00 cocktail party

6:00- 8:00 reception 


It was SUPER windy. The minister had us switch sides at the altar because my veil was blowing everywhere.  Later he tucked my veil into the back of my dress.  We were married on the Tucan beach and had our cocktail party and reception  right there too. It was nice because we were in the Pantera building. In the morning I could watch them do the setup for our wedding. It got chilly in the evening. Most people went back to their room to change or layer.  I wouldn't have changed anything about our day. It was awesome!!


Congrats!! Everything looked beautiful! Its too bad communication was so terrible. But it sounds like everything went smoothly after that.


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Everything looks like it turned out beautiful! We are also planning on doing a sand ceremony also. Did you have issues taking that on the plane or spilling?


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I had a cork for the vase and put it on my carry on. I didn't want to hold on the plane. The sand and shells got all mixed up, but I still like it. I didn't have any problems bringing it back:)


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thanks for posting, i'm also from MN I would love to hear more about your trip/wedding.



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Your wedding looked very pretty! I loved the parasols set up at the ceremony reception :)


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Thanks for taking the time to post your review! Thanks for the details about the excursions! I love the big table on the terrace!


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