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  1. Hello everyone!! I have been MIA since we got married in January. Hope planning is going well for all! We have our AHR this coming Friday!! woo hoo! and We got back ALL of our pictures two weeks ago, Ismael did a wonderful job and was very reasonably priced
  2. I made my bouquets from fake cala lilys at Hobby Lobby and they were the plastic/rubbery flowers which looks so real and they didnt get smashed in our suit case!
  3. Review is posted! This website makes it very hard and frustrating to post things! Hopefully it helps some of you ladies! Best of luck planning and PM me if you have any other questions!
  4. Just wanted to respond to this question real quick! We booked our transfer fees through our TA, therefore I do not know what they would be sorry! When I get to work this week Ill respond more in depth questions/review time!!
  5. Hola Ladies! We are officially back in the US and MARRIED, Cancun was perfect! I will put a review up as soon as I can! Feel free to ask me any questions though!! You will all love it, that's all I can say for now Here are a few photos..our photog already put some pictures up if anyone is interested. www.ismaelpachecoblog.com C:UsersJonoPictures
  6. Ok ladies! I had a fabkend, picked up my finished dress, hair colored, eyelashes done! and now it's just waiting to leave on Wednesday & get MARRIED saturday! Here are a few pictures! Thank you to everyone who helped this website has been AMAZING!!! These are the program fans that flip open! My soon to be last name! <3
  7. Does anyone know how to book a room online for say a photgrapher? We procrastinated and have not done it yet! And when you go to the palaceresorts page to book, it asks for the persons address/email, ect..and I wasn't sure if we could just put our info and just use his name. It does allow you to put seperate info for billing..Any suggestions ladies?! ONE WEEK TIL MP!!
  8. That sounds like a great idea! I bought our flowers from Hobby Lobby they are yellow calla lillies (sp) they look so real and feel pretty real too...they are plastic/rubbery flowers and they were cheap so that is an option for ppl too! They had other types of flowers too! Let us know how the Sams club thing works out!!
  9. I didn't even realize it but yes I probably am the first on here to be getting married in 2012! How crazy!! We are just about ready, I have my shower and bachelorette party this coming saturday!! I go for my final fitting the week before our wedding, I am waiting on table numbers and name cards I ordered from Etsy to come in, I need to put the final touches on the flowers I made and my sister is finishing up my programs for me this weekend!!
  10. That is different then what I was told, I have an Email from Karla saying that we are allowed to use our resort credits. I guess things change all the time at MP but it might not hurt to double check with her so you don't have to spend extra money! When is your wedding??
  11. Yes you can! Depending on how many room credits you receive it varies on how much can be used at the Spa. For me we have $1500 room credits and $300 can be used towards the spa! Hope this helps!
  12. We booked our photog the one night too! Soo many rules and regulations with MP and outside vendors!! ugh! What photog are you using? We are using Ismael Pachecho. Congrats on getting your locations reserved!! PS we leave in TWO weeks from todayyyy!
  13. Our wedding is quickly approaching and I am afraid we do not have enough music. We are using the IPOD hook-up and it will be 4 1/2 hours long. Anyone have any suggestions?!
  14. That's awesome Jamie!! I just changed my locations as of last week and we leave in 22 days! lol Insanity is awesome ENJOY!
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