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  1. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you ladies and for your assistance. If it wasn't for this website I would probably have booked through another place. Your infromation and support has been greatly appreciated!
  2. Coconoir1908 thank you for this post! My TA and I have been pulling out our hair over the information I have found on this site compared to what Janina tells us. This should help us get our locations secured! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  3. Mrsbruff2b, I hope you have better luck with Janina then my TA and I have had. Read over every bit of the contract, we caught her on MULTIPLE mistakes including the wrong wedding date! If you need her direct line or e-mail I have that too!
  4. Krsmith these pictures are amazing! You are indeed too critical of your self you look beautiful!
  5. Update on our Wedding: It took us 3 weeks to get conformation with the priest and that has been our only hold up. So if anyone out there is waiting for conformation on the priest and they tell you it will take 48 hours - DON'T BELIEVE THEM! It did take us 48 hours to hear back from the justice of the priest that we will also be having. I'm not sure that other brides had this problem but from the first time we contacted them until today it has been 3 months to get our wedding confirmed with Palace resorts. I hope no one else has to go through this mess.
  6. I have to say you ladies look amazing! Congrats on finding that perfect dress!
  7. Can send one let me know what the song list that they provide is? Thanks.
  8. How exciting! Enjoy your time in the sun and relax! It will all work out!
  9. I'm not sure if this will help any . . . the printed materal they sent me last week says: 4 hours of self DJ (ipod/cd): $383 2 hours of self DJ (ipod/cd): $220 if you want the paperwork with the quotes from JSAV PM me and I will send it your way!
  10. Oh I almost forgot, Yes I'm on the Cruise phase. Week 7
  11. I get the bootlegger #14 the lettuce wrap Roast Beef Turkey Dijon Mustard Tomatoes Cucumbers Sprouts Oregano it's the mustard that pulls it all together! I have it saved on my jimmy johns accounts as "yummy"
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