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  1. We loved our suits. We did the tropical beige and had them lined. We did the suit for my husband and just pants for the best man. I got my order within a week.
  2. I had a cork for the vase and put it on my carry on. I didn't want to hold on the plane. The sand and shells got all mixed up, but I still like it. I didn't have any problems bringing it back:)
  3. I just got my professional photos back and posted my review. Thanks to all the ladies on here for the support and great ideas! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/4582
  4. I finally posted my review! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/4582
  5. There are many threads on OOT bags. I got many items at the Dollar Store.
  6. Danceraz - The Moon Palace Resort is divided into two major sides, the Nizuc and Sunrise. On the Nizuc side is the Grand section which is newer and nicer and probably more $$. The resort is huge! HUGE! The Sunrise is the biggest section. We stayed on the Nizuc side and thought it was great! The beach at Moon Palace is full of seaweed. I really didn't see many people swim in it. They do have a tractor that goes up and down to collect the seaweed and clean it up. It doesn't seem to keep up. I'll attach a picture to give you an idea of what it looks like. The brown stuff is all seaweed. Having said all that, the pools are great. No one complained about the beach in our group.
  7. We didn't see or know there was an arcade. It must not be on the Nizuc side where we stayed. Hopefully someone can help you!
  8. There is an area towards the Grand side of the resort that looks more like a deserted island. My wedding set up....notice it was so windy my fans had to be hooked on the chairs.
  9. Amara, I don't really remember all the choices for the cakes. We decided in person. I just remember thinking we should pick what everyone would like...so we picked marble. Maybe you could ask if you could taste tests the different kinds...it looks like you have a large group, so maybe they will cater to you!?! The cheese cake at the restuarants doesn't taste like regular cheese cake. Maybe we got a bad batch? It tasted horrible...hard to describe what it tasted like. It was kinda chunky. Before you meet with your coordinator go to one of the buffets and try the desserts...see what you like. That should help you out!
  10. Thanks Mocha! It was a great. I'm bummed...I emailed our photographer and she told me another 6 - 8 weeks for the photos. UGH! I got the vase for my sand ceremony at Hobby Lobby. I looked all over for a vase with a cork. I had each guest drop a sea shell into the bottom of the vase before the sand ceremony....so I needed a little bit bigger vase.
  11. Mocha - I haven't done my review yet. I'm waiting to get my pictures from my photographer. She just posted some on her blog, so I'm hoping to get them all soon and post my review. If you want to see what she posted on her blog this is the link. http://blog.jmphotomn.com/cancun-mexico-destination-photographer-shelby-jeff/ Kalena was my WC. She is great. She is super sweet, pleasant to work with and got everything done. I took her a suitcase of stuff for the wedding. When I gave her a tip on the night of the wedding I had to talk her into taking it. At first she refused it. The only thing that was wrong, was my cake. I asked for marble and it was white. We didn't care though....as all of the desserts at MP are awful. My husbands favorite dessert is cheesecake and he couldn't finish it. The cake is general is VERY wet, not moiste....WET. Hard to describe. No one in our wedding group cared for the desserts. Hoping to post my review soon!
  12. The animals identify what building your room is in. All the building look identical. The cake. I'm not a food snob, but I will say everyone who went to the Moon Palace with our group agreed the desserts were not good. The cake tastes wet...like if you smushed it water would come out. I like cake...regular mix out of the box here, I'm not picky. I couldn't finish my desserts there. My wedding cake wasn't any different. I had one bite. For the complimentary package you get two choices...either the one with ribbon and flowers on top or seashells. As for picking out your cake....when you meet with your wedding coordinator she will show you pictures of different cakes and then you chose what flavor. We picked marble, but it was white cake when we cut into it. Maybe I was at MP the week the cake baker was gone? lol
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