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  1. I have never seen a folded RSVP envelope. Although, it obviously could be done. It seems to me you have this beautiful invitation and then a folded RSVP envelope might seem odd.
  2. Thanks to share such a great information about tags-bags-envelopes. Nice and useful post for all readers.
  3. What size is the envelope? If it’s tiny then it’s not going through the post office machines?
  4. With mine, I googled swirl, and bunch of pictures came out, saved the one I like on my pictures and attached it to word.
  5. Try the scrapbook aisle at michaels, they have card making supplies so they may have 6x6. Or check the packs of invitations at target/walmart for a larger sized one?
  6. I am doing black envelopes with a white wrap-around label. I will still address them by hand though, just writing on the label instead.
  7. We are doing red velvet and vanilla bean… I prefer more simple tastes for wedding cakes.
  8. I did a small buffet for a friends birthday party and it was definitely not as good as any of yours but it went down amazingly everyone loved it!!
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