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  1. Hello hello! I have just started the wedding planning process but we are getting married at Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay in October of this year! This is an all inclusive, adult only resort. If anyone has any advice or wants to share ideas, PLEASE let me know. Secrets can get super expensive very quickly so I'm trying to figure out what to splurge on and what to do myself. Thanks!!
  2. I can't seem to see the pictures of the bags. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  3. Someone mentioned that they were pricey. What constitutes as pricey? I have seen them on Etsy for $4 each. Is it cheaper to design them yourself and then have a local shop print them?
  4. You mentioned that this was time intensive. Do you mind sharing approximately how long it took? I am trying to figure out how much work would be involved
  5. This site has inspired me to branch out and try some diy projects. I already ordered Save The Dates and couldn't believe how expensive they were! I would love to attempt boarding pass invitations, passport agendas for welcome bags or even the wedding program fans. I have never been crafty so I need advice on where to start. I have found some free templates but I need some suggestions on brands or resources that would be best for a beginner. Please help!
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