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  1. Since I started the post, I thought I should follow up since my welcome bags were a SUCCESS! Everyone loved them! I ended up buying the 99 cent cheaptotes bag and purchased iron-on paper at Walmart. I made a little logo and simply followed the ironing instructions. Probably one of my cheapest & easiest DIY projects. I'll attach a photo.. enjoy!
  2. We had our mariache start right after the ceremony and go through the cocktail hour. My husband and I went off to take photos during this time, but we took some photos with the band when we came back to the party. I think the mariache is a great way to get people into the mood! I think we paid around $900. I'll attach one of my favorite pics with our wedding party & the mariache band!
  3. I HIGHLY recommend getting a videographer. It was something I was on the fence on.. and we decided last minute to book one, and I am SO happy with our decision. There's so many moments on your wedding day that you simply can't capture with a photograph. I hate video/cameras on me as well.. but honestly, you have so much else going on that you don't even realize the videographers. Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning
  4. Hi ladies! I'm getting married on 12.2.11 and am looking for a last minute videographer. I've booked Jillian Mitchell as my photographer! I've seen a couple of dated posts on videographers, but I'm wondering if anyone can give new recommendations? I'd love to hear any suggestions or feedback. Thank you!!
  5. Hi! I'm getting married in December in Mexico and am starting to work on my centerpieces. As of right now, we're having a total of 37 guests. I'm thinking about doing these for the table arrangement cards: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/creative-seating-cards#slide_5 Instead of doing the standard "1" "2" "3" etc for each table, I'm thinking of having each table be a different element in spanish (luna - moon, sol - sun, estrella - star, agua - water).. but I'm having trouble finding some sort of object to represent these symbols. Anyone have ideas? I'm having a fl
  6. Well I originally planned on wearing these white Badgley Mischkas (Oma Sandal) during the ceremony (and then changing into flipflops for reception) but I recently bought these blue Kate Spades to wear to my shower party. I LOVE these blue shoes.. what do you guys think if I wore the Kate Spade heel to both my shower party and wedding? I'd wear the Badgley Michkas for my dress rehersal dinner then. I don't know.. I'm so torn between these two shoes.
  7. I'd love to see some photos too when your sarongs arrive! Which styles did you order?
  8. Just a quick update for future brides.. I went ahead and ordered the cheaptotes 99 cent bags and they are AWESOME! Better quality than the $3 canvas bags at Michaels/Jo Ann Fabrics. Definitely worth the $$$!
  9. Hi! Where did you buy these seashells from? They are really cute!
  10. I know the the 99 cent cheaptotes bag is really popular (http://cheaptotes.com/canvas_tote_bag_8.html) but I'm worried about the quality of this bag. I'm willing to spend a little bit more, if necessary. We're looking for 25 natural cotton canvas bags (which we will iron-on our monogram). Does anyone recommend another company? I didn't see anything at Oriental Trading. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions!
  11. We were thinking about doing ornaments too. What do yours look like? Do you have photos? When are you giving your guests the ornaments? The day of the wedding.. or the next day?
  12. I'd like to hear more feedback from brides who wore heels during their beach ceremony. Like others, I'm only 5'1" (my dad is 6'2" and fiance is 5'8" - so I need a couple extra inches!) My ceremony and reception are both taking place on the beach. I'm thinking about wearing 3.5 inch heels during the ceremony (I bought the solemates..although I don't think they'll really help) and then change into 3.5 inch flip flops for the reception. Please let me know if you have any input!
  13. Are you using a minister provided at the hotel? Or are you having a personal friend/family member perform the ceremony?
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