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  1. Hey Brides! I'm trying to figure out whether I should get a spray tan and lash extensions before our trip. We fly out may 3rd in the morning so I would have to get the tan done on the 2nd. The wedding isn't until the 6th. I'd hate for the fan to be splotchy on our wedding day and memorialized in our photos! Does anyone have any experience with this? Or experience with lash extensions on vacation? I want to be able to enjoy my time, not be thinking about whether or not the pool is going to fade my tan or my mascara running. Thanks in advance for humoring my uber superficial post
  2. Iberostar playa pilar in cayo Coco. It's set to open in Nov/Dec of this year.
  3. Thanks for your response! What were your favours if you don't mind me asking..? Also, how did you enjoy the iberostar. The resort we are going to is an iberostar one, but there are no ratings because it hasn't opened yet.
  4. Hi Brides! I'm planning my wedding for 2016 in Cuba! I want to pack and bring out of town bags for all of our guests with little goodies in it. Does anyone have experience bringing these kind of things into Cuba? I'm planning on keeping and briginf receipts for everything I buy, but I'd be choked if it got taken away at customs. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!!
  5. Good morning Brides We are planning our wedding for May 2016 in Cayo Coco, Cuba. I have a meeting set up next week with a photographer at home (Calgary, AB) who is willing to come with us..but as you can imagine it is quite costly. Has anyone had any experience with a local photographer in Cuba that they would recommend? Thanks! Kirsteen
  6. Thanks for all the feedback so far. We are going to Cuba, and will be having a symbolic ceremony so I'm not worried about any legal requirement. More so worried about having the time to properly greet guests, have the required meetings with the coordinators and settle in. I'm excited about the brand new resort, but not having access to the coordinator until the new year is leaving me somewhat anxious. I'm pretty sure only having 1 full day between arrival and the wedding won't be enough, but my fiance is stuck on the 5th of May. It's funny what they get their knickers in a knot about
  7. Hi Brides, My Fiance and I are probably going to be booking our trip this coming week or next. We don't have the luxury of talking with the on-site wedding coordinator yet as the resort isn't open. Our trip gets us there around 5pm on the 3rd of May. My Fiance would like to have the wedding on the 5th of May. Is that too soon after arrival? What type of appointments and planning should I expect upon arrival? Thanks in advance Kirsteen
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. I've had numerous e-mails back and forth with our travel agent and she assures me that she has dealt with many openings and 6 months into a new resort we should be good. She trusts the Iberostar name and has 30 years in the industry backing her up. We haven't booked yet, but very close to pressing 'GO'.
  9. Hi Brides! We have been looking through so many websites, magazines and brochures to find our perfect location. We think we finally found it, but the resort is brand new. Like not even open yet, brand new. It is set to open December 2015 and we are looking to book May 2016. I am super nervous to book anything and wondering if anyone else out there has gone through the process of booking somewhere so new. http://www.vacancestmr.com/en/hotels-south/CCCIBO/ Appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks!!!
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