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  1. @@snswedding2016 you should get 80lbs each for being a bride and groom. My travel agent got us that. And I thought that the other guests at 44lbs each as a checked bag and not 66lbs...
  2. Reading your to do list is making me freak out lol! So sugaring wasn't that bad? I am going on Wednesday for the first time and I am VERY nervous!!
  3. Omg Steph your book and program looks AMAZING!! Wow. What a great job you did! I emailed a package sort of like that - not near as good as yours!! - out to the guests.
  4. Ya it is neat! it is also great I think because we can compare notes with weddings so close together. Plus - we can both say "they let her do it" if they say no to something LOL! I am trying to start packing. This may be the hardest part..
  5. Oh this is awesome! Thank you! Our kids did not pre-select the meals. She told me to do it there..
  6. oh my gosh I can't believe this is coming up so quickly!! question for you - what are you doing to show the allergy restrictions on the tables? I have 2 girls who are gluten free and I have no clue. I am not making escort cards, just a sitting chart so I am at a loss. Your days leading up look identical to mine lol!!! Wax, nails, pick up dress, etc. I cannot wait!!
  7. @@snswedding2016 I feel the same way as you! So much to do.. so little time. I feel as those there is only so much you can do 8 months to 1 year out and then it all has to get done the last 2 months. Xo
  8. Hugs to your mom xoxoxo I hope you get good news! I also have a lot to resolve before I can pay our final payment too. I have emailed her a bunch of times lol! I know that @@TinkerSofi said she paid 2 weeks late so I hope it is ok.
  9. Your pictures are beautiful! I have to say - Juan's suit is amazing. I love the color so much
  10. oh for sure! I was stuck between those 2 but ended up choosing the catamaran
  11. did you hear back from them? I booked them for 70 and they were amazing!
  12. So happy to hear that everything worked out for you with AC!!! That can sometimes be the most stressful part xo. I am just 6 months out and I can honestly tell you I haven't done much lol. I should get on it !
  13. I LOVE the first dress. Love love!! I am sorry to hear about your dress shopping experience. They should not be rude to you. Every bride is different and they should feel lucky that you even came there! My budget was $1500 MAX and I told the consultant not to give me anything over that. I am SURE that you can find something in that price point!! It will work out xoxo
  14. Awesome! Let me know! and yes..the quote from my resort was outrageous! I will not be using them - that I can say!!!!!
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