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  1. Hi could someone please send me a copy of the budget planner please? Justineatack@@gmail.com Thanks
  2. I like the idea of using postcards for the Guest Book, I think I will do that myself.
  3. Bride2b15

    Helicopter Wdding In Grand Canyon

    WOW! sounds awesome!
  4. Bride2b15

    Newbie Needs Help!

    Thanks NewinitialsJK I will keep in touch
  5. Arrgh! something else to plan!!
  6. Bride2b15

    I need your advice ladies

    I wouldn't of invited her either it can get tricky with other family members. Hope your day went well!
  7. Bride2b15

    Bouquet Toss song?

    I think single ladies too
  8. Bride2b15

    Visualizing everything

    The ipod is a great idea and will save lots of money
  9. Bride2b15

    Dancing with Dad!

    I love the idea for Brown Eyed Girl think it would be perfect... only trouble is I have green eyes!!
  10. We are going to take an ipod with different playlists for different parts of the day
  11. Bride2b15

    What to do after dinner??

    I love the sound of a beach party!
  12. I love that song hope it was a success!