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  1. I am also getting married in Jamaica and thought about the rum idea too, but didn't see the point in spending money on it if the resort was all-inclusive. I think the type of favor somewhat depends on how many people you plan on coming to the resort. I you have a large group (50+) you may want a smaller favor, as it would add up to have something larger. I have a small group (10-15), so I may spend a little more per favor since I won't need that many. I have thought about small boxes of rum cake for each couple, as I think you can't go to Jamaica without experiencing rum cake! From reading the posts on BDW, I have seen that some brides give jerk seasoning for guests to take home to re-create the taste of Jamaica. My family likes to party so I also thought of getting each guest a Jamaican dred-lock hat. I'm sure everyone would wear them at some point in the vacation, just to have fun. I hope you get a lot of feedback and that it helps you with your planning!!!
  2. I thought of that, but I thought it might be too hard to find the guys' tops that would match well. I'll have to keep my eye out for shirts this spring/summer. Thanks for all the replies girls!!
  3. Getting married on 5/12/12 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I originally thought it would be nice to have the girls in my wedding party (probably only 3 girls) wear different color dresses, those colors being pink, orange, and blue, or pink, orange and purple. I like the tropical look and feel of those colors together. My dilemma comes into play when trying to figure out what the groomsmen will wear. We plan on them wearing tan pants but I'm not sure what color top. My FI and I would like them not to wear white since both of us will be in white and it may sound selfish, but I would like for us to stand out in our white instead of being lost in a sea of white when we are standing next to the groomsmen. Any color suggestions for the groomsmen? My FI thinks a light blue top would look nice, but I'm not sure how it will look with the girls all being in different colors. Should I make all the girls wear the same color to avoid clashing? I don't want my wedding party to look like a bag of skittles!!! lol.
  4. I made these up on Powerpoint today and need some advice on which one to use. They are all the same monogram except for some differences in color. Which one do you like?
  5. Thanks! Those threads were very helpful. We are getting married on a Saturday at 4pm, but have to be there on Thursday for the legal paperwork to be processed. Our guests are also arriving on Thursday throughout the day. Any suggestions of what to plan with our guests for the days prior to the wedding? I want our guests to use the time they are in Jamaica as a vacation for themselves as well so I don't want to take ALL of their time Thurs, Fri, and Sat. I would like to have a welcome cocktail hour on Thursday just so everyone can hang out and talk to one another. But what about Friday and Saturday morning/afternoon?
  6. FI and I are getting married in Ocho Rios Jamaica on May 12, 2012. I have seen a lot of posts showing what people include in their OOT bags and many of them include an itinerary/welcome letter. What should I Include in an itinerary/welcome letter? Anyone have examples of theirs in a picture large enough so I can read the writing?? Thanks!
  7. I guess I have a WC in Miami who works with me until I get to Jamaica, at which time I will have a different WC who will arrange my actual wedding. I think the WC in Miami is supposed to help me with the details about my stay at Sandals and different things I can add to my wedding. I called the WC in Miami a few weeks ago and spoke to her about this issue. She basically said she wouldn't recommend eating at a restaurant b/c they can't guarantee that I will be able to get a table for all of our guests to sit together. It frustrated me because I could sense that the WC wanted to sell, sell, sell. She tried to get me to buy all these extra things and said that doing the private dinner would be the ONLY way to have my group sit together. I know I can get around it somehow, I just don't think I have the support of the WC in Miami b/c I'm trying to save money and she's trying to MAKE money.
  8. Just an idea to save you a little bit of money...the resort I'm getting married at (Sandals Grand Riviera Ocho Rios) offers to have someone do your make-up and hair on the day of your wedding, which costs $250. Instead of having someone do all of my makeup (when I am capable of doing most of it myself) I am going to the local mall prior to going to Jamaica. I was actually at a make-up boutique today and asked about the details and they said if I made a purchase, which is about $10 for eyeshadow, they would have a consultant show me how to apply it professionally. That way I could do it myself on my wedding day with they products I had purchased at home. And it would save a lot of money.
  9. New to the site Username: Tammy 2012 Name: Josh & Tammy Location: Sandals Grand Riviera Ocho Rios Wedding: May 12, 2012 In JA: May 10 - May 20 (May 10-13 in Ocho Rios then from May 13-20 we will be at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay)
  10. Thank you! I have already booked the wedding at Sandals Grand Rivera in Ocho Rios, but I will take a look at the Jamaica Forums.
  11. FI and I are getting married in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on 5/12/12. We plan to have a small wedding in Jamaica, inviting around 20 people and expecting about 12-16 to come. After returning from our honeymoon, we will be hosting an AHR (inviting 140 people), which I hope/plan to be a relaxed backyard reception where guests can socialize, play volleyball and cornhole, and join us for a bonfire later in the night. I'm trying to figure out what to do for a reception in Jamaica. Even though our group is small, I still want it to feel like my wedding night and want people to be together for dinner and celebrate and dance after that. Is anyone NOT paying for a private reception at their wedding? I really don't want to pay $50-$75 per person for dinner when the food is included in the price of the resort. My thought was that we could all go to one of the restaurants and sit together for our "reception" dinner. Any suggestions/advice about this?
  12. I'm getting married in Jamaica on May 12, 2012. I am not planning on having a private reception, but instead plan to arrange for the group (about 15 of us) to eat dinner together at one of the restaurants. Any suggestions for what to do after dinner? I'm on a tight budget and don't have the money to hire a DJ at the resort. I thought I read in a post that some people take their i-pod to one of the bars and hook it up so people can dance. Does anyone know if the bars have their own DJ's so guests could dance if they choose to?
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