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  1. Wow!!! Im soo very happy for you... I wish I can see the pics, but since Im a newbie to this site I cant. Any Who I feel in love with the Davina in blush but she was way out of my price range. The Bridal gods are shining on you......CONGRATS!!! :wub: :D :D
  2. Wow, haven't really thought of this! being that we probably want to get to the party portion of the reception, we will probably do this during the dinner portion.
  3. The quoted price that my TA had given me was about 500.00 each way, but keep watching the fares , you might get lucky.
  4. Breathless resorts, by the time of my nuptials it will be opened approx. 2 years.
  5. Help!! I am becoming so worried , the resort we chose to get married at has a lot of bad reviews!! I know that everyones experience will be different but Im worried that my guest will not enjoy. I can say that my WC has been very responsive and attentive. Being a newer resort based on reviews they still have a bit of working out the kinks to do. Has any brides gone through this???
  6. We decided on a buffet option that has included all three chicken, beef, and fish (seafood) I am paying extra for the vegetarian option.
  7. Well Im lost because I dont eat Any type of bakery cake????
  8. So does the reception time include the cocktail hour? Im getting married at Breathless resorts and we are allotted 3 hours for reception without incurring extra cost. I am also undecided on DJ or Ipod for music what are the pros and cons of both. Thanks in advance!
  9. WOW! Finally found a site with other Breathless resort Brides! Hello! I am booked for May 30, 2015 . I am working with Natalia as my WC. and Ive gone with the Eat,Drink, and be married package. I am somewhat worried about décor, the flow of things, the reception just everything! So any little feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
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