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  1. I am having my wedding in Punta Cana and I really want to Live Stream the wedding. Our coordinator said they have wi-fi so she is sure it is possible. Has anyone ever done this or plan on doing this? Id love any and all information and thoughts! Thanks
  2. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 Hey there! Its been a while. I am totally still using Kukua. We are about 6 months out which is crazy! Bego is still amazing! How are you coming with your plans? For all previous Kukua Brides I have a question!!! What cake flavor did you choose? How did it turn out? I am going to do a tasting here in NC just to get a feel for different combos we like but I am scared the flavors will be different in DR. Did you give the DJ an entire playlist? When you met with Bego a few days before did she have the entire place set up to show you the decor? Thanks!
  3. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 Hey Hun! It is going good. I finally picked my dress and ordered it. We have sent invites out and so far have no "no" rsvps.I cant believe we are about 8-9 months out! Now I am trying to get my decor all pictured in mind. Its so hard for me to just visualize what I want it to look like and express it in a document. How is your planning going??
  4. @@ChristinaG928 @@alwalters625 We are flying out of North Carolina. I think southwest will open up their flights in September so maybe I should at least wait until then and see what the rates are. Thanks ladies!
  5. Our wedding is next May. Flights just recently started becoming available. Right now they are about 530-600. Is this the average or do you think we should wait a couple of months and maybe get it later this year? I am a little anxious about it. I don't want to wait too long and they go up but I also don't want to purchase now if they will more than likely go down. Thoughts?
  6. @@cindy2013 I would love to see pics too! Anything you would have done differently? Or anything you wish you would have known?
  7. @@trbutler OMG Yours turned out AMAZING!!!!!! And $50 for 50, you can't beat that. Does that include the envelopes you purchased and the starfish charm? Love love love
  8. @@trbutler No! What is the posting called that you posted them under? I don't mind a little DIY! @@girlinthecity97 Thanks girl! I am going to check out some of those sites. I don't mind a little DIY. I am thinking of adding a ribbon bow with a little gem to jazz whichever ones I get up.
  9. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 I can give u the info for the 2 main freelance MUA and Hairstylist out there. I was going to book them as a back up! If you haven't already, join the Kukua Beach Club Brides facebook page
  10. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 I picked HDC Photo for my photo and video. I will be getting 6 hours of each for $2000. Compared to other prices ive seen...you can't beat that. I love their photo style! One of my guests gf is a bridal make up artists, so I will be using her services for make up. And my hair dresser is also a guest and I will be using her for that. Yes do your research early. That will make it enjoyable as oppose to stressful
  11. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 Its going good. I had foot surgery so I have been off work the past 2 weeks which has given me a lot of time to look at wedding stuff!!! I have pretty much paid all my deposits (Kukua, make up, photo/video) so now I just have to make decor selections, get invitations, decide on menu and dress. All the fun stuff! lol Its so hard to do favor type stuff until you know your exact # of guests
  12. @@astaats83 Have you decided what you are doing for your menu selections yet? Bego told me the most popular choice is to serve half sizes of 2 starters/2 entrees etc. That way your guests get a chance to taste both choices and you don't have to worry about them making a dinner selection on your rsvp. Also, have you started sending her design pics? I don't know if its too early since our weddings are next May? I am thinking about just compiling them in the selection document she sent with the contract.
  13. I am on the hunt for affordable but nice invites. Hoping you guys know of some websites I am unaware of! I have to send from 80-100 and I hate the thought of spending over 200 on invitations!!!!
  14. I am budgeting for 80 people to be on the high end. Id rather be OVER than under. I am budgeting about 17k for everything including open bar, cocktail hour, 6 hrs of photo and video. I am pretty sure 80 people wont be attending, so we should be way over which will be GREAT!!!!
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