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  1. Personally I went with the person I felt could tolerate my whining and stress best which is my best friend. I love my sister in-law but I feel more comfortable stressing and venting to my bff. I wouldn't want the added stress of the sister on my big day.
  2. I used to work at Sephora and Make-Up Forever has some of the most AMAZING waterproof makeup. Their cream shadows are incredible! If you are nervous about using a cream, keep some makeup remover (oil free) as it allows you to work with cream shadows better and better blend them in.
  3. Someday I'll hit 150, I have 13 months to be productive on this aspect. LOL
  4. 13 months, 8 days until my wedding LOL. I need to start posting more so I can actually access the shared files.
  5. I started building posts like immediately after our engagement and I still have 15 months until I walk down the aisle. I'll hit 150 eventually.
  6. We met about 9 years ago on a dating website but never actually had a first date at that time. We just talked a lot on MSN about our miserable relationships and stupid significant others. We both had that connection to each other but time was never on our side. We continued talking on and off for 4 years and then lost contact as I went back to university and never had much time. In my final semester of university I had been studying for a mid-term exam and decided to log into MSN just by chance that someone was on. It just so happened I saw him log in shortly after. He was then living about 3 hours away. With mid-terms happening and spring break coming up we decided that I would travel to see him (I had friends living in the same city). I stayed with my friend and him and I went on our first date 6 years after we started talking online. It was so natural and comfortable that we both said from that point that this was the last relationship we were having. We just knew. My mom always said I would know when it was the right one and I always doubted her. Clearly I need to listen to my mother more often.
  7. Much like Dori from Finding Nemo: Just keep posting, posting posting...
  8. Hey just wondering if there are any other brides looking at Breathless resort in PC? I fell in love with this resort and haven't found much on it since it is fairly new.
  9. Knowing and having to wait is the WORST. I've known for a year it was coming and just the anticipation of it was terrible. I didn't know he had the ring until 2 weeks before the proposal, and that time was treacherous.
  10. I told my one friend if she brought her kid I would never talk to her again LOL. She happens to be my MoH, and I just told her that we plan on doing a week with family and friends and then having our honeymoon without having to switch resorts. She understood and has said that her little gremlin could stay with Grandma. lol
  11. People expect you to cater to their demands in picking a resort, no I will not have my wedding at a family resort so my 3 friends with small children can bring them.
  12. My mom told me yesterday that she's disappointed I don't want a big wedding. She understands but wanted the fairy tale style wedding for her only girl. lol
  13. I am a high school teacher, just have grade 5 this year lol.
  14. We don't want kids at our wedding, at all. No part of me wants kids during my time because I work with kids 10 months of the year. I love teaching, and I love kids but not at my wedding. We are planning the week of the wedding to be spent with family and friends, then a week for our honeymoon. We are trying to avoid all my baby toting BFFs from bringing their poop-producing ear piercing drones. This is where the problem comes in; some are not thrilled that we've chosen an 18+ resort, and have said they'll just stay somewhere else and just bring their kids to the wedding "because I need a ring bearer, flower girl, snot-nosed child at my wedding". I've tried to explain that children are not allowed on the grounds, but some of my friends seem to think that doesn't include their kids. How can I politely tell these people that we chose an 18+ resort for a reason and that despite how cute they think their kids are that I have no intention of changing my plans. I realize that I could just not send them and invite, but these are people I've known my entire life, hence why they know about the wedding before the STDs have gone out.
  15. Congratulations on your engagement @@Shanna2015 ! I'm not getting married until July 2015 but I'm busy during the school year (teacher) so I'm starting really early to be organized. I'm giving people who I really want to be there a year's notice by sending STDs July this year. The people I'm inviting because my MIL or my parents feel they deserve an invite, but I don't really want there, won't receive their invites until March 2015 when I send out my wedding invitations. I have selected an approximate date, and resort but am not booking my resort until June.
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