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  1. can you email me those pics as well shasmith82@@gmail.com
  2. I choose this resort bc it is family friendly. It had a lot for kids to do and nice reasonable wedding packages. There is also some videos on U tube of the resort. those helped out a lot.
  3. thank you that helps out a lot. Yes she said Thaddeus April 1st the packages come out and to start booking for 2015 I am going to be on her like crazy I def want the second week in June for my wedding. Which I want my date reserved before engagement party May 31st
  4. Thanks! Did you ladies pick the package out when she confirmed your date? I was thinking the Strawberry package but if I have more guest I might have to bump up to the tangerine package. my guest will have exactly a year to get it together. Our engagement party is March 31st. Was confirming your date an easy process?
  5. For all you ladies that have picked your hotel and confirmed your date. Did you confirm your package when you confirmed your date or do I confirm package so many days before my arrival..how can I pick a package without having all the RSVP back. How does the package selection work and deposits?
  6. I am trying get married there in 2015 summer as well..I al looking into Vacation Express they do group rates and then also Wright Travel agency.
  7. looking for a nice all inclusive resort to have my wedding. Kids will be in attendance so I want somewhere what would be fun for them and a beautiful beach wedding.
  8. OK ladies that's what I am going to do. Engagement party in June and discuss wedding then wedding in June 2015 in DR!! so that gives my guest 12months to pay for it
  9. Did everyone's wedding go good? looking to have my wedding there how long have you ladies been planning your wedding? Are you paying for their decorations or bring your own? I found a site where the chair covers and all are really cheap. What is the average price so far for you ladies ceremony and receptions?
  10. How soon did house ladies start planning your wedding in the DR? I am recently engaged and we are planning our wedding in the DR? We are having an engagement party in June to celebrate and let all of our close friend and family know our wedding plans. I Want to create party favor bags with information and save the date magnets and personalized Hershey kisses. we want all of our. friends and family to go so we would like to give them time to pay for their trip and adjust schedules. what did you ladies do for your guest?
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