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  1. @@livf Yeah I'm starting to freak out. I think I'm just about a month out now. I'm also getting nervous and contemplating getting my makeup done off resort. I was initially planning on doing my own and bought Dior airbush spray... but it's my wedding and I want the photos to be perfect!! I have been in talks with Fernando Fuentes with The Makeup Pros. His photos look nice and he says he would actually be willing to pick me up and take me to his place in Playa to do my makeup and hair. Since we aren't allowed to bring in outside vendors, it is very tempting to have the transport included. He quoted me $230 for hair and makeup for my trash the dress and I'm assuming it will be the same for the wedding, but maybe he will give me a deal if I get it done twice. I'm also not sure about doing a trial, I was definitely going to get it done at the resort. But with a professional that I have seen photos for maybe its not necessary. He also said he will review my pinterest board to know what I want, which is nice. My photographer referred me to him. Who are you getting to do your makeup? How are you getting there? For flowers I am doing a simple white roses and light pink roses, I picked from the flower options (the one with red and white roses and am just subbing in pink for red. ) I have the princess package, so 2 arrangements are also included for the front of the gazebo, and my bouquet is included. The bridesmaids will match in slightly smaller arrangements. I have a new wedding coordinator now. It's Denys (previously Jacqueline). She seems really on it, so I'm not that worried that they switched. She answered all my questions very quickly and seems to have more common sense. I'm having 42 people including my Fiance and I. The ceremony is at the sunset gazebo and the reception is the Chill out party. That's $100 per person, but I liked the idea of having a private dinner rather that being in the a la carte. We are using the included a la carte dinner for our rehearsal dinner. Its tough with such a small group I feel like I am excluding people from our rehearsal, our rehearsal dinner will already have 25 ppl, just immediate family and bridal party. I made little welcome bags, which are super basic compared to some of the girls on here. Mainly they have colourful tumbler cups with stickers saying "feet in the sand, drink in my hand" with our wedding date. Other than that I am making a little hangover kit to put inside, along with some small treats. I also ordered robes for myself and my bridesmaids off of etsy, for the morning of the wedding. Although if I get my hair and makeup done off resort, that sort of ruins the getting ready together aspect... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. @@livf That sounds great too, I'm sure they will be lovely flowers. My best friend used real touch flowers and they were beautiful, she couldn't find real flowers in the deep purples she wanted, in the photos they look amazing and definitely look real. My wedding is November 19, 2015... getting close!! I'm getting my hair done at the resort (I'm going to do a trial earlier in the week to make sure I get exactly how I want). I'm a bit on the fence about makeup, I think I'm doing my own. I'm nervous about getting it done and not liking it, and I'm decent at doing my own makeup. I'm getting eyelash extensions before I go and I bought my own nice airbrush foundation that I will have a friend help me with. You are not allowed to bring in an outside person for makeup or hair. The prices for the resort spa are actually really reasonable: I was going to bring my own photographer from Canada, but decided on Fine Art Studio photography instead, their photos are magnificent, and I love their TTD photos. So I convinced my fiance we need them ....it took several months of convincing If you bring your own photographer and they stay at the resort, you don't have to pay an outside vendor fee. Our photographer was going to pretend to be an uncle anyway, LOL. The photographer fee is expensive and you have to pay per person ($200 I believe per person, and most bring an assistant, plus you have to pay for their meals). My photographer gave me a deal when I mentioned the outside vendor fee and the fact I wasn't sure I could afford their higher package, they also threw in an extra hour on the wedding day since I bundled the TTD. Here is the direct quotes for this year for spa services if anyone is interested (prices in pesos) "Here are the prices for hair and make up, this prices is the same for Rehersal, and for Bride, Bridemaids and any other guest from the bridal group: Hair style Short 850 pesos (tax incluided) Medium 960 pesos (tax incluided) Long 1100 pesos (tax incluided) With Extensions 1370 pesos (tax incluided) Shampoo and Blow dry Short 450 pesos (tax incluided) Medium 590 pesos (tax incluided) Long 780 pesos (tax incluided) Make up 750 pesos (tax incluided) Basic Manicure 615 pesos (tax incluided) Spa Manicure 850 pesos (tax incluided) Basic Pedicure 815 pesos (tax incluided) Spa Pedicure 995 pesos (tax incluided) ** Adding extensions have an extra charge The rehearsals have the exactly same prices as the regular hairstyle for the wedding date! to make appointments please write all the info in the sheet attach is this mail."
  3. @@livf Yes absolutely you can bring whatever you want for decorations in your own bags. I'm bringing some flameless tea lights, table numbers, bride and groom chair signs etc. They will let you hang lighting and paper lanterns as long as nothing with flames and you run it by the wedding coordinator first. The resort also rents out basic decor, chair sashes, different nicer chairs (I'm upgrading my chairs to the tiffany chairs $8 per chair). These are wooden and painted white, they also have Versailles chairs light brown wood that look nice without chair covers, its all preference. Chair sashes are $4 chair (they have basically every common colour and they have a mint blue-green which is what I wanted). They do center pieces most of which are hideous, but I made some changes to a basic looking one to fit my colours and they allow changes (Costs are about 50-100 per center peice. Just keep in mind baggage limits. I'm flying with Sunwing for our own bags we have quite a bit of weight (30kg /66lbs with elite seats), but the rest of the guests get only 20kg (44lbs) checked. An extra luggage is $100 each way! My dress I get as a bonus carry-on, thank god! I'm bringing favours and cups for guests which will take up a lot of room. I'm having my wedding at the sunset gazebo, I preferred the look of it with the flat roof and less slats in photos, it also seemed a bit more segregated so I'm hoping fewer gawkers. The other gazebo seems to be more popular though. My reception I'm doing the chill out party (It costs $100 per person with 40 adult minimum) but we liked the idea of a completely private dinner. The beach party is also a fun idea, but I wanted it a little more formal. We can dance on the sand after! You can also do a cocktail hour which is a more affordable option than a completely private dinner, and do the dinner in one the a la cartes. Why are you doing silk? I know some people swear by it, but most of the wedding packages include the brides bouquet and you can make any colour changes you want or amp it up for a little extra money. I love fresh flowers, but I know its a rip off. Apparently some girls bought flowers and did their own bouquets, since that is technically not an outside vendor. But I'll be stressed enough on my wedding day! http://www.fineartstudioweddings.com/playa-del-carmen-wedding-at-grand-sunset-princess-nina-colin/ I loved the flowers this bride used and am trying to get something similar. I'm using this same photographer as well.
  4. @@livf Yes that is the official rule, so annoying. No outside vendors at all except photography is allowed (with outside vendor fee). I unofficially got around this by using Katy with Love and Lace wedding decor. You can search her on facebook. She is a Canadian that now lives in Playa and has tons of wedding stuff for rent. She will meet you at the resort with the decorations in a suitcase. I know several brides have used her. I think this will be way easier than trying to fit everything in my bags. My bags will already be full of favours and stuff for my OOT bags. The resort must think that all the stuff is your own and brought in your own bags. Just something to consider! I am bringing a few small things, but most of the decor is from her. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I think I'm going with the silicone stick on ones. I heard the nearly me ones are supposed to be good, they come in various sizes and styles. I'm a small B and have a strapless sweetheart neckline. I think I'm going to order them online and try them with my dress anyway. http://nearlyme.org/products/fashion/silicone-enhancers/nearly-me[emoji768]-silicone-breast-enhancers/ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk I don't think my whole link worked... you just have to go under fashion on the website for various cup sizes. Since they also make mastectomy supplies. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hey! Hair and makeup: My mom is a hairdresser, so doing a combo of having her do it and doing it myself. I've heard its a good idea to bring lots of pics or to get your own stylist at home to do a trial and take tons of pics and bring with you. Pictures are better than words. I can't speak for this specific salon though, sorry. I feel like hair can be slightly changed or salvaged if its not exactly perfect. Makeup: My photographer recommends airbrush makeup for the humidity, so I'm going to try to get that. I may just buy my own nice Dior airbrush foundation and do it myself as well. I'm also super obsessive with makeup and have heard so many horror stories about girls having to wash it off after having it done at salons in Mexico because some tend to do it really dark, mismatched etc. I wonder if they would do a trial? I looked into an outside makeup artist (MVP looked really good), however this resort does not allow outside vendors except for photographers, from what the coordinator has told me. I've booked my wedding for the GSP for Nov 19, 2015. I'm having my ceremony at the sunset gazebo and doing the Chill out bar for the reception. I was also thinking that the dance floor at $1800 seems crazy overpriced. I'm already pushing my budget at $100 per person for the Chill out party, I'm guessing we will have 50-60 guests. Does anyone know if you have the Chill out party (the indoor one, not the beach one) and I book the DJ, can I just move tables and create a dance floor you think? I'm not sure if I will even have the option of dancing on the sand since I'm not doing the beach party. Any info or suggestions from previous brides or guests? If we can't dance at all then I may not book the DJ at all. My second question, how did you guys decide on menu option for private buffets? I'm leaning towards Mexican or BBQ, any suggestions?
  7. @@palmtree99 I think I saw that convertible dress on Pinterest too! The one I saw was by Tara Keely. Style tk2210. It's super cute in pictures! Sorry I can't attach the pic! But you could google that style number. Once I knew the designer I was able to find stores that carried it, but none near me. I ended up deciding on a long dress. But this one was definitely in the running. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Great review! I'm thinking of booking at this resort. Did you have your ceremony on the beach or did you do the pergola overlooking the beach? I am also wondering how the beach is at this resort. Thanks!
  9. @@Maggietron that's cool we are maybe thinking similar dates! I was originally thinking Mexico (probably Cancun/Mayan Riviera) I was interested in DR but I searched for flight packages in Nov online out of Regina and they don't exist... the joys of Saskatchewan. Still have to chat with a travel agent, but I feel like my destination will be narrowed by flight availability. My mom is coming to town from BC so I might go wedding dress shopping (too early to buy) but might be my only chance for mom to see me in a wedding dress before the big day! So I'll let you girls know what Regina has if I find anything!
  10. I was also wondering what people did with this tradition at destination weddings. My parents divorced when I was really young and I don't have a good relationship with my dad (but he will be invited). My step-dad will also be there and I'm actually much closer to him, but with them both there I don't feel like I could choose one as my real "father" and if I did it would be my step-dad. But I've decided I really wanted to avoid a father-daughter dance. However my FI is really close with his mom, so I was struggling with how to do it where he could do something that would include her, but not force me to choose a dad. I was thinking just me and my hubby have a short dance and stop there, but will that seem like something is obviously missing? Maybe just ask her to dance later in the party like someone mentioned? Any other ideas? Or I might eliminate the tradition all together and just dance at the party. And don't get me started on walking down the aisle... a whole other problem. I think I'll have my brother do it though.
  11. I just read about needing a blood test in one of the resort wedding brochures. I was kind of surprised as its not required in Canada. Is it required at all resorts in Mexico? I'm not scared about blood work at all, I just hope that it is done in a sterile manner and I also bruise easily and hope it doesn't leave a mark!
  12. Thanks you guys! This is very helpful! I will definitely start there. I love the Mayan Riveria as well, but also thinking Dominican Republic could be nice (but have never been). I will go talk to a TA as a starting point and compare prices and flights from Regina to help narrow down a resort.
  13. Thanks! I'll check out wedding wire too. Yeah I just spent some time browsing the knot and I think I like the simple feel. I don't really need a ton of extra features of a paid site I don't think. I saw the domain option and maybe I'll consider that, I didn't think it would make that much difference, but you're right in that it would be shorter and easier to remember if you pay extra.
  14. Hey! I'm recently engaged and currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan. I'm in a similar situation as I moved here 3 years ago for school and I have no family here as well. Is anyone else from Regina or have any Travel Agents they could recommend here? Are you guys all doing Mexico? I'm not totally set on my destination yet, but as you know travel can be a little difficult out of Saskatchewan. I don't want anything with 2 day travel to get there! At this point thinking Mexico, Nov 2015. But nothing set in stone. Did you guys speak with a travel agent first, or choose a resort first?
  15. Brand new as well! I feel like I'm kind of in the same boat! Newly engaged and I know I want a destination wedding. I'm thinking Mexico possibly November 2015, but I have really have nothing past that. I'm not even 100% set on country yet. But we do want all inclusive. I'm from Canada as well (Regina, SK) and unfortunately we don't have as much access to companies as the larger cities, but there are travel agents. I really need advice! Would people recommend talking with a travel agent first about possible packages and then deciding on a resort from there? Or the opposite, pick my resort and sort out travel later. I'm a little worried since all inclusive travel companies from Regina are limited (Westjet, Sunwing). I will also have guests from various Canadian cities and I'm not sure if I can get a group package if people come from different locations. Any advice or input is greatly appreciated!
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