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  1. Hello all, If you are going to purchase Wedding invitations, stationary or more then it is good time to save 30% at Tiny Prints. Just apply coupon code BDAY10 to save and remember offer valid until 4 March 2014 according to this website http://www.couponwind.com/view/tiny-prints/ The code is valid for all products. Enjoy...
  2. Wedding cake cutting is indeed a part of wedding ceremony for some people. It symbolizes the sharing of food between the couples and how they share their love to one another. You can order a personalized heart shaped cake to be used for the activity.
  3. The movie is so great! I love how they artistically convey the messages of the story. It's also thrilling and filled with suspense. The dancers were awesome and are well-trained to do their roles in the movie.
  4. Interesting wedding details! Thanks for sharing them to us here! We are looking forward for more posts from you. I hope you'll have your dream wedding without any inconvenience and have it according to all that was planned. Good Luck!
  5. Those wedding dresses are pretty cheap. It can be great for couples who want a low-cost wedding. Anyway, I might go for cheap wedding as long as I get the design and style I have in mind.
  6. Weddings is something that we should be happy about. It's the days where we share the bond and vow with the person that we love and whom we want to spend the rest of our days with. Best Wishes and I hope all the best for your family.
  7. This is a great deal! Do you know anything cheaper? Anyway, such deal is really cheap so I'm sure there are couples who will grap this for a grea saving and remarkable experience! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Catamaran Cruise is a wonderful experience for every couple who loves to have their dream honeymoon. It's sure expensive but the experience is priceless and very romantic. This is great option for rich couples who can afford expensive trips.
  9. Actually choosing AHR is something that can help us save ample amount of money for the reception charges. We can also do dances and other traditional things at home and we can be flexible with our schedules. The main problem with AHR is the organazing and reorganizing our home to rightly fit for the occasion.
  10. Some couples choose songs that are relevant to their love story while some choose the most romantic songs for them. What are the characteristics of a particular song why you have choosen it? Does the song always have to be mellow or classical?
  11. I think all islands in Hawaii are marvelous so we should bump from one island to another to really see all the best of Hawaii. But if you really have to choose, try the Big Island because it's the biggest and can offer unique activities and remarkable views.
  12. Wedding carry itself some superstitions that are followed by some people. However, I personally don't believe in those superstitions. For me, they are waste of time and something that we should not think about. What's your opinion about wedding superstitions?
  13. I'm marrying a man that has been with me for 5 years. Unfortunately, were still not engaged although we had planned it before that we will marry each other when the right time comes. We're planning to have it civil first then marry under the catholic church.
  14. What a lovely dress! The price is fair too! I wish I'm already engaged so I can plan for my wedding too. I love the design of your dress but there is already a design I have in mind that will rightly fit for a garden wedding.
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