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  1. Some days I get a lot in and other not so many. Does anyone know if it is still 150 posts, or since they changed the website did they change that too?? well... I did it, this is my 150th post!!! it can be done!! Thanks to ya all for the help Well... I did it!! This is my 150th post!! I made it Thanks to all ya all for your help!!
  2. Like this dress... it would look nice in white for a simple wedding dress too It didn't put in the Quoted post... new site prob??
  3. There is a boarding pass template that you can use, I believe it is in word. I would see if you couldn't find a template and change the wording if you are not much of a computer creative.
  4. Now that the website has been updated are we needing more then 150 or is it still the same?? oh... Liking the new look
  5. We are paying for the bridesmaid dress and the groomsmen outfits. If they are taking time out of there life and spending money to come be with us while we get married it is the least we can do!
  6. This would be a cool date to get married!!
  7. I am 9 more posts away and I hit my 150!!! so excited!
  8. I would love to do this. With FI having 2 left feet and me not having much for "the moves" I don't know how it would come out.
  9. I haven't looked at places for a website yet, but that is next on the list. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Some days I can get on here and post 20 and other days I am not into it and get 1 or 2. Just depends.
  11. thanks for the help, now I won't have to look around as much!
  12. I believe when you first start the MOD's check your posts and it takes a bit for them to count on your posts amounts. Just keep posting!!
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