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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple I believe only the free package requires a minimum stay Hey Just so you know.. I spoke to Vinnette and she told me that all the packages require a 7 day stay! I was very shocked! -__- and not very happy about that. I find the smallest things to throw me off! So after speaking with her and deciding on a menu and the Gazebo after party we might go with the unforgettable package. I'm still waiting for her email that she owes me from since yesterday. ugh. But the unforgettable package is like only $770! The only difference is that there isn't the 3 day stay on your anniverary, the pictures go from 25-15 pictures, and there isn't the canapés which I believe are little hors d'oeuvre, oh and no couples massage which i'm sure is less than 200 so my fiancé and I can just do that whenever we want. Plus i'm going to do a gel manicure and pedicure before I leave for my unnecessary 7 night stay at the gran bahia, so I don't need the manicure that comes with the Romance extravaganza package. I'm going to email Vinnette right now, and hopefully she gets back to me, Id rather call but I don't have a phone card on me and I'm at work.
  2. Meeks

    12.13.14 Brides!

    I'm sending out my save the dates in January too with all the information to contact my travel agent! I can't wait either!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 That is one if the reasons we chose that resort. The other reason is they have this great pergola on concrete, on the beach, so I can wear heels! We are bringing a lot of our stuff as far as decorations go, because once you get outside your package for center pieces and things it's really really high...even as far as weddings go...much more than I'm willing to pay. Are you going to have a DJ and stuff? I understand about the decorations, and some of the choices aren't that nice, at least the ones I saw. We need to finalize everything tomorrow with the coordinator but I want to do a gazebo after party with a Dj the cost is 500 for that. If i want open bar there at the gazebo its 25 per person. I plan to beg one of the staff to make us rum punch and set up a table with some drinks and water. Hopefully it works! We are getting married at 12 noon which sucks but it was the only time available on that date. We will have dinner 6- 8 in one of the restaurants and cut the cake and stuff like that then jam out in the Gazebo for 2 hours.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 Yea. We have to pay extra if we want a bar at our reception. Otherwise the servers have to go to the bar to get it and it just takes longer. We have decided on that yet though, it seems like a wasted expense to me, but at the same time, we only get the room for 3 hours and I've heard it can be pretty slow. But as long as the dinner is less than 45 it's a plated meal, and we get a cocktail hour with appetizers. It's a really good as long as you don't break 25 people haha! Thats a good deal for dinner and reception!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 I feel the exact same way! If people want to complain about the money part, that is all on them...we actually booked in the middle of October and they have all known since then. They have over a year to prepare, if they really wanted to come they would make it happen. The only people who aren't coming I believe are the people who will have a work conflict. But our wedding package at the resort only includes 25 people, and once you get beyond that it gets really pricey so it really works out we have less than that haha. I do not want to be paying an extra $75 a person! Yeah, we did magnets with our website on them, and it links to our travel agent so they can book as soon as they're ready. Maybe I'll send them out today! Thats good I've been keeping an eye on my friends too.. I told them from day 1 it was a destination wedding.. So everything I see them spending money I'm like hmm.. Don't forget to save for my wedding you said your coming! Magnets is a good idea, I love all the fun creative STD its so hard to pick just one. But $75 per person is ridiculous! My limit is 30 and after that its $20 which isn't bad. What really gets me at a few of the resorts I have looked into wants to charge you to have an open bar and charge like $60 pp for a sit down dinner menu as part of the reception!. I'm like.. wait what? Am I not staying at an all inclusive resort. Why should I pay to get alcohol when I can get up and walk two steps to one of the 8 bars here for free! TALK ABOUT CRAZY.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 No, I have them ready to send out, but I just have not had the time. The envelopes I I ordered with my magnets are way to big, so I'm debating the best way to mail them still :S we don't have many people coming though, about 20-22 and that is almost everyone we're inviting. They're all close friends or family-so most if the invites and STD is just a formality. Everyone pretty much knows everything already. I have mine too all set online though ready to order as soon as we confirm the exact place and talk to my travel agent. On the front it says save the date and on the back I have travel information so they can contact our travel agent and reserve everything through him. I wanted to originally send out a post card STD but it wan't feasible since I also needed to send travel arrangement information. We are sending out about 40 of them but around 30 people will attend. I'm hoping to send mine out by the end of December. My plan is to get it all sent out and the invitation a little before tax refunds so everyone can use their refund check towards my wedding lol.. I don't want to hear anyone's excuses for not attending especially from my closest friends! They have a year to get their money in order and it isn't too expensive.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 I can relate sort of, I had my daughter 2 weeks before my scheduled finals right before I graduated! School is stressful enough. And you're right, all the documents have to be translated-but we're not having a legal ceremony, just symbolic...I did not want to mess with it, we're getting married right before we leave or right when we get home...in the states Well that's good that you are getting married in the states rather then having to deal with all the legal paper work in Cancun. Have you sent out save the dates?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 Oh that's really great. We had a mess trying to book our date because all the dates we wanted were already book. It took us nearly a month to get a date nailed down! Any particular reason you chose Jamaica? We debated back and forth between Mexico and Jamaica? Yes, Well my travel agent told me that Jamaica is one of the easiest places to get a marriage license. Just be advised he told me that getting married in a spanish speaking country requires more work to get a license because all your documents must be translated into spanish and then sent over and I believe when you get your marriage license it must then be translated to English. I like to go the easiest route because I have a lot on my plate trying to plan a wedding and getting my masters at the same time.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 Hey congratulations! Have you gotten far in the planning? I haven't gotten very far yet. I just reserved my date and I'm still working everything out with the wedding coordinator at the Grand Bahia Jamaica resort. I did't have to pay for the deposit on the date so if I decide to pick a different resort there is no penalty.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple I believe it is now 2500$, I'm expecting 50-70 guests so a privTe reception made the most sense. I chose outdoor for the main reason that I can have an indoor reception anywhere right? Lol Thats true. Plus indoors would boring since you are going to be at an amazing beach resort! And wait 2500 to have a private reception? Thats the same cost as package. I might go with the gazebo with DJ that will be 500. We probably wont do open bar because that seems too expensive! I think Vinnette said 25 pp. Have you read the marriage requirements. I just want to confirm if the 7 night stay is required for the romance package. I hope not.
  11. Meeks

    12.13.14 Brides!

    Yay thats exciting!! did you book your date and have you sent out save the dates yet??
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple I meant the dinner, we are having a dinner/reception (6:30pm-10:30pm) at the piscis... You can rent the venues out for private receptions oo that sounds lovely! Vinnette mentioned that to me but I didn't follow up on the price. What is the cost for something like that and how many guest are you having for you wedding?
  13. YES! I called yesterday to secure it for dec 13. I'm going with the romance package too. By reception are you talking about the champaign after the ceremony or the after party after the dinner? I'm a little confused by both. But for now we are doing ours in the Gazebo at 12noon. Sadly it was the only time available!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple October 23, 2014 Oh yay thats very exciting! have you decided on a package and all that fun stuff?
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