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  1. I thought the resort DJ was great. We gave him a list of songs we and he played everything we asked for and improvised the rest based on our style/taste. No regrets at all. We had a friend act as MC and that worked out perfectly. If you designate one of your guests as MC, your wedding coordinator will just tell them what to say and when so it flows quite easily. Hi there - I got married at Now Larimar a couple of months ago and yes, you would have the benefit of a free lounge if you used the night club. You can also pay for a lounge area at the pool but it is quite expensive. Good news
  2. I'm not a fan of including "gift or no gift" information on the invitations. We had a line about "your presence is the only gift we wish to receive" on our website because the website is more informal. For invitations, keep it classy and leave out anything to do with gifts. To me, it sounds presumptuous either way.
  3. Overjoyed by Steve Wonder. It has always been one of my favorites...
  4. I like the shorter one because it's young and contemporary which is what I usually gravitate towards, especially for a destination wedding. The long one is more mature and elegant. Just depends what look you're going for and what your BMs prefer Good luck!
  5. We extended the reception at Castaways till midnight and then around twelve of us hung out on the beach and swam in the ocean for another couple of hours. My husband and I ran into the ocean in our wedding clothes, others took their clothes off and went in in their underwear. It was soooo much fun. Just happened organically, though, wasn't planned. We went to the nghtclub on other nights and it was fun too. The DJ is good and it's not too packed so if you're with a group you'll be able to stay together and find your own area to hang out in. Food and service were great and I would recommend
  6. I'm having an "AHR" due to in-law expectations but if it was up to me, I would not. Like many people on this forum have said, I got married once, it was the best day of my life, and if others couldn't make it, it's not my problem. I got married on May 17 in Punta Cana, DR. It was perfect, it the wedding of my dreams and as far as I'm concerned, I'm DONE. BUT, my husband has a huge family in Ireland who weren't able to make it due to the distance so, at my MIL's insistence, we are having another reception in Ireland in September. Luckily, we can loop it in to our (somewhat delayed) honeymoon in
  7. I think it's very important to do something special for your guests. Many of us choose destination weddings so that we can save money but for our guests, it's the opposite. They really go out of their way to be there for us so showing them some appreciation is a MUST, in my opinion. We got married a couple of weeks ago in Punta Cana, DR and our 32 guests were the ones who turned it into the absolute time of our lives. We had a pre-wedding excursion, OOT bags and even paid for many of our guests' rooms. I'm not suggesting everyone do all of that but if you're looking to cut costs, showing grati
  8. I had a civil ceremony in Punta Cana, DR a couple of weeks ago and I didn't think the paperwork was overly stressful. I'm not sure if the requirements are very different compared to Mexico and Jamaica, but we did all of our paperwork through a third party vendor called wedo.com and they will also translate the marriage certificate for us when it comes through. Yes, it was something extra to do (and I guess anything extra will result in certain amount of stress) but I enjoyed having a "real" and legal wedding on the day. For me, it was worth it. They say our wedding certificate should arrive in
  9. I don't know if this has already been said but get your flights free with an airline credit card! My FI (now husband) and I both got free round-trip flights to our wedding in Punta Cana using Southwest Airlines' credit card. Even if you're (smartly) using cash for your wedding expenses, just put all of your expenses on the card and pay it off right away. That way you won't pay interest on the card but you'll get the points and free flights anyway!
  10. I had my destination wedding a couple of weeks ago and I can assure you all that no matter how discouraging it might be to have people cancel, you won't be thinking about those people when you're at your wedding having the time of your life. Throughout the planning process we definitely had some disappointments over people who couldn't come or those who backed out at the last minute for reasons we didn't feel were legitimate. But out of the 80 people invited, 32 came and we have never had more fun in our entire lives. The group that came was the exact group that was meant to be there and if I
  11. Now Larimar was wonderful! We loved it and all of our guests loved it. I really have no complaints at all. If you're doing La Barcaza and Now Larimar for your wedding, you'll have a great time, guaranteed. Feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions. Enjoy!!
  12. The temp in Castaways was perfect. It is on the beach so you do get the nice breeze and everyone was comfortable. Our reception was from 7pm - midnight and that amount of time felt perfect. We started with our entrance, followed by dinner. During dinner we had our first dance, speeches and a song performance by my singer/songwriter husband (ooh, still getting used to that word!). Dinner was shrimp cocktail, pumpkin soup, surf and turf and pear tartlet. I think it was pretty good although I was too excited to really taste it and we had so many things going on during dinner that the food really
  13. Hi Ladies, I just got back from my wedding at Now Larimar and is was absolutely incredible, the wedding of a lifetime! My message to everyone: Don't stress! Just make your plans, be specific when telling them what you want, and trust that they will do their job. They are very experienced - whatever you're asking for, you're not the first and you can trust that they've done it before and know how to do it well. When we arrived, we saw so many other weddings happening before ours, I was worried that we would feel like "just a number". It is a bit of a wedding factory over there... but when it wa
  14. I just got back from my wedding in Punta Cana and we used La Barcaza for our pre-wedding celebration. We had an incredible time and I definitely recommend them. They were extremely flexible and accommodating. About an hour before we were due to depart, we had a mini personal emergency and had to postpone our departure time by one hour. They had no problem with this and were happy to wait for us which was amazing. Luckily, we were at Now Larimar where they pick us up directly from the resort beachfront, no transport involved (I'm not sure what their pickup is like for other resorts). My 90 year
  15. A friend of mine had a destination wedding a couple of years ago and she told me right away - attendance rate will be 30%. I thought it was hilarious that she was so specific but guess what? Six months later and she was right on the money. We invited around 90 people and 30 are coming. I noticed that our friends who are more "home bodies" and not particularly adventurous are the ones who are not coming while the friends who are easy going and up for a good time will be there. Taking a trip is a bigger deal for some people than others. We also decided to have a reception in Ireland (where m
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