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  1. Yes. I will be locking in my Nov 2015 date this Nov 2013. I am excited!!!!!! I am not sure what date will he available but Nov it is. Happy planning folks.
  2. Really?? What was wrong? If it doesn't work I will just do a TTD.
  3. My and my husband will be leaving the day after our wedding abd heading to another resort for our honeymoon. People can stay as long as they want. :-)
  4. I have reached 150 post and i still cant view attachements. Is their anything I need to do???
  5. I too am sorry to hear this. Its a sad moment. However, she can not expect people to just waste their money like that. That would be selfish. Me personally I would go.you maybe surprised at how many people that paid u will see. shit. She may even be there. Enjoy. I say GO!!!
  6. This is Soooo my situation. My husband family is small and I have a huge family. Not to mention my wedding is in Jamaica and I am Jamaican so of course its nothing to get my family there. I am worried not.much of his family will attend. My solution is to give everyone 12 months to pay for their trip. I.hope this helps.
  7. Let me know how it all works out. Best wishes.
  8. This is a wonderful schedule! I will be sure to take notes.
  9. So you locked in the resort rate. Did your guest already pay for the resort or just a deposit??
  10. I am praying I will have enough folks for a free travel or resort room. i also plan to research 3-4 travel agencies for the best deals.
  11. You are my type of person. Yes. I plan to give my guest at least a year to pay also. I know how it is to plan for a vacation. My wedding is 2015 and I plan to send STD and travel deposit info by end of NOV beginning of JaN 2013.
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