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  1. Hi Pam, Thank you for sharing what you have so far, can you send to my email as well? Rebeccaeakers@@gmail.com I just stumbled on this place and am excited to learn more!!
  2. It does seem that way. I think their wedding packages seem pretty pricey though, and they do not have my colors in one of their packages, so not sure how that would work... Humph! I am so overwhelmed with this decision. I just want the place to be nice, have fun and get married. I thought destination weddings were supposed to be stress free?!?!
  3. I am in the same place as you are, trying to find a resort that has the balance of class and price. I want the 5* experience, but don't want my guests to be priced out of this experience because I chose a 5* resort. It doesn't help that my date (8/8/15) is so far out that travel agents aren't able to give me a good idea of pricing. I am going to look into the Grand Palladium per the comment above.
  4. Hi Chelsea, WOW! $1500 per person for an entire week seems reasonable to me, but we are not expecting most of our guests to stay the whole week, but who knows. We are mostly all going to be coming from the NYC area, so it is definitely a travel hub. My date is tentatively set for 8/8/15 (yes I am a neurotic over-planner so I am giving us this extra time!!). What travel agent are you using? I have reached out to a couple, but no one can give me numbers because my date is so far out. I have heard so many good things about this place, so I really want to get married here, but I don't want to
  5. Congrats Chelsea!!! I have a question if you do not mind. I was considering the IRHS for our wedding. Could you tell me what the package prices were for your guests? From what I can gather from Expedia it will cost a couple over $2K for hotel and air just to stay 4 nights. That is a bit pricey for what I wanted my guests to pay, but I am not sure what incentives the hotel/travel agency has offered you and your guests. Any info would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!!
  6. I am looking at this resort for 8/8/15. Any of the recent brides want to share their experiences? I am not too confident with the reviews I have read so far, I would like to know how much everyone spent as well if they are willing to share. I hear everything has a price at the Hilton and I just want to understand how they tabulate everything.
  7. That is awesome!! You are like ahead of the pack here!!!
  8. Share your timeline 2015 Brides!! I am trying to figure when I should start booking my venues and vendors. I am getting married on 8/8/15 and am wondering by when I should have all the details down for the Save the Dates. I know I want to send the save the dates in July, so how long prior should I book the venue, block rooms, get a travel agent, lock in vendors, etc? I am trying not to jump the gun, but still I do not want to fall behind either... Let me know what your time lines are looking like!
  9. Hi, I am a 2015 bride as well, 8/8/15 and am leaning towards the Iberostar. I have heard nothing but great things about it!!! Good luck with your choice!
  10. Hi, I am a 2015 Jamaica bride, we have not decided on a location yet, but leaning towards the Iberostar in MB.
  11. Thanks UCFJennifer!! I thought the same thing.. There is just so much to coordinate with a destination wedding, I want to ensure I have enough time and no stress!
  12. Thanks KW & CM!! I see that you chose the Iberostar Rose Hall Resort in MBJ... I was looking at that resort extensively.. How do you like working with them so far??
  13. Hi! We have finally set a date! August 8, 2015 and although it is very far in advance, I would love to start planning and love to see that there are already some 2015 brides out and about!! YAY I am not crazy or alone!! Still have not settled on a destination, but am leaning towards Jamaica.. Any advice on how you ultimately decided on your locale? Not the hotel or resort, but the actual destination??? I would love to hear your thoughts and reasoning! xoxo
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